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Pitch Development Programme

The deadline for the initial applications to the Pitch Development Programme has now passed. All applicants have been contacted with further information about the next steps in the application process. All information supplied below is for reference only.

If you don’t meet the criteria to apply directly to the present funding round you may be eligible to apply to our Pitch Development Programme. We will take five teams to compete for a grant of up to £25,000 after showing off their prototype at a national consumer games show in Autumn 2018 and getting valuable audience feedback and then pitching to a UK Games Fund panel. Each of those five teams will receive a cash and in-kind package equivalent to £10,000 in value.

The application process for the Pitch Development Programme is different to that of the open round of funding. Applicants to the Pitch Development Programme will not be able to apply to the present round of the UK Games Fund.

To apply to become one of the five Pitch Development Programme teams please complete the online application.

Video Pitch Application

CLOSING DATE:  Friday 23rd February

    • Produce a 2-minute pitch video – we strongly advise you read the guidance provided in the tabs below, and attend a webinar (see information at the bottom of the page for webinar sign up) to ensure you cover the necessary information.
    • Before you can upload your video you must submit a short online application in support of your video by noon on Monday 12th February.
    • The link to the online application form is available below this section.
    • The link to upload your video will be sent as soon as possible after submission of the short online application and no later than Monday 19th February. Videos must be submitted by noon on Friday 23rd February.
    • This programme is intended for teams that may not meet all of the criteria for the current open round of funding, or where you may require additional time to improve the strength of your pitch.

Please click through the tabs below for more information on applying to the next funding round.

The following applicant criteria apply:

  • You do not need to have registered as a company to apply to the programme.
  • The £5,000 award will be delivered in two installments of £2,500. Teams wishing to cover expenses out with this budget will do so using their own resources.
  • Teams must complete prototype development work Spring – Autumn 2018.
  • Teams will attend and show a playable demo at a national consumer games show in Autumn 2018.
  • Companies that apply must have no more than 50 employees.
  • Your project must not include gambling elements, or content that we deem to be potentially reputationally damaging (solely at our discretion).
  • Your project should be a digital game, we do not support purely non-digital games such as physical card games or board games.
  • Your project can already be in development, although we don’t support projects that have already launched.

If you are proposing a VR / AR game or one that requires non-standard hardware, you must make a robust business case in order to persuade us of the potential. Please also bear in mind that floor space at the Autumn consumer games show is limited; VR games may have to share space and multiplayer demonstrations will be constrained also.

If you are still unsure about eligibility, you can contact us with a paragraph or two about your project to check for basic eligibility. However please note that we don’t enter into extended discussions regarding specific projects prior to any application.

  • The £5,000 award will be delivered to successful applicants in two installments of £2,500 (the final installment being paid on completion of the programme).
  • In addition to the £5,000 award, successful applicants will attend a national consumer games show to exhibit their playable demo to the public. Teams will then have the chance to pitch for a grant of up to £25,000 to a panel of industry judges.
  • The award can be spent on any costs associated with the pitched project, including labour costs, contractor fees, hardware, etc.

Applicants will be asked to upload a video pitch via email invite from Dropbox.

You should keep this short (2 minutes or less), and avoid gimmicks but there’s no need for professional editing. Covering the details below in full is more important than a slick video.

You should briefly cover:

  • The team or company – who you are, why you are the right people to be making this project.
  • Pitch Readiness – explain why you feel a direct application is not appropriate right now and what taking part in the programme will do to help your project and your team.
  • The project – what it is, what the unique selling points are.
  • Other important impacts – if this project could prove transformative for your team/company and has important outcomes that aren’t purely commercial, then you should mention these.
  • Your plan – information on where the project currently is at and what you plan to do during the programme in preparation for the consumer games show in Autumn. Include detail on how the consumer games show will help your project and team/company.
  • Pictures or diagrams may also help to more quickly explain things you haven’t built yet. Be creative.

The video pitch will be viewed in isolation to select applicants for due diligence, so you should include all the relevant information. Do not assume the panel will be familiar with your written details.

Please note:

  • Do not exceed the 2 minute video length limit – your pitch will be excluded.
  • Do not send a standalone game trailer or generic business promotional video.
  • Do not zip, password protect, encrypt, or otherwise make your video difficult to access.

If your application is successful, you’ll need to be able to:

  • Provide team profile information and data to help build a detailed picture of the games development sector in the UK.
  • Make reference to and acknowledge the support of UK Games Talent and Finance and its relationship with DCMS in any publicity materials that refer to the pitched project. (We’ll provide the templates for logos etc).
  • Confirm that you can provide the above at time of application and also confirm that our support won’t break State Aid rules.


What are the terms? Is it repayable?

No. The £5,000 award is non-repayable provided all requirements are met.

Other things to consider

With the wide range of support measures now provided by the UK Government (including for example creative sector or R&D tax credits, innovation grants and SEIS/EIS investment schemes) you should seek professional advice on the blend of funding and various schemes that your company is eligible for or benefitting from, particularly in terms of (for example) whether one relief could cancel eligibility for another, within the terms of specific project budgets. You should also remember to take this broad view of public support when assessing receipts that should be considered in de Minimis State Aid calculations. All liabilities in this regard will be with the applicant who will be required to warrant accordingly.

Unsuccessful applicants

No correspondence will be entered into and there is no appeal. In some cases, we may suggest re-applying after you’ve addressed highlighted issues in which case we’ll give some general guidance.

All of the foregoing information is provided for guidance only and does not form part of any contract.