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Funded Projects Round 1

Funded Projects Round 1

Two Way Media

twowaymedia1Simpler, quicker and easier to play than Scrabble, One Word is the fun new way for friends to play a word game together.

It’s simple to play – just take turns to make a word with your letter tiles based on the last word made. After each turn the previous word is removed – there is only ever One Word on the board!

As well as the normal set of letter tiles you get four specials to help you make longer, higher scoring words. Use them wisely to maximise your score!

Fallen Tree Games

FTG_large_logo_transparentFugitive is a mix of single-player exploration, survival, and stealth genres. You are on the run, and must find non-violent means to evade recapture in an open world rural environment. First things first – get to a river to put the dogs off your scent. Find a change of clothes – from a washing line will do for now. You can worry about food later once you’ve put some distance between you and the search party. Avoid human contact where possible, but if you do need to talk, just be careful – if they’ve seen the news, they’ll be suspicious!


Futurlab_LogoFuturLab is using a UK Games Fund grant to prototype ambitious developments to its original studio owned IP, with a plan to secure a publishing/platform holder partnership in 2016.

Six to Start

sts logo fullZombies, Roll! is a hybrid boardgame and smartphone app where players survive and thrive together in the post-apocalyptic world from the hit Zombies, Run! fitness game. The game combines the best of boardgames and videogames like Pandemic and The Walking Dead into a genuinely unique mix of real-time gameplay, dynamic storytelling, and co-operative decision-making.

Spilt Milk Studios

SMS_logoAn atmospheric first person action game, in Waterways you travel the foreboding canals of a city long ago fallen to monsters. Reach safe haven beyond the city’s walls by scavenging, crafting and upgrading as many tools and weapons as you can to aid your journey.

Using your floating vessel as a base, venture out on foot to scour every abandoned building. Avoid the monsters. Fight as a last resort. Your craft drifts with or without you, so plan ahead. If you panic, run, if you smash a bottle… that sound’ll soon be joined by the chorus of alerted monster’s screams.

Slug Disco Studios Limited

SlugDiscoLogo180Empires of the Undergrowth is a fast paced real-time strategy game based on the world of ants, with a story told in a TV documentary style. Built on top of a simulation, the player influences the colony behaviour rather than directly controlling it.

Underground the player excavates their nest, stores food and builds an army. On the surface they claim territory, gather food, overwhelm insects and arachnids and clash with another colony in a tug-of-war battle. Army size, composition and attack timing will eventually lead to one army pushing into the nest of the other to defeat their queen.


YakutoLogoDarts of Fury is a multiplayer darts game focused on competitive social gameplay, drama and high-impact visual scoring. It will leave behind the stereotypes of the sport and introduce the game to a new and modern audience. This is the darts game for people who don’t even know they like darts.


Hewson LogoA clockwork puzzle-platform game set in a captivating mechanical ecosystem where you physically interface with elaborate, evolved mechanisms to manipulate the steampunk environment and bend it to your will.

Beginning as just another cog in the machine, you will soon find yourself on a quest for companionship which will lead you to the innermost secrets of Mechinus itself.


CoatsinkVantage Point is a cooperative stealth game for any number of players, involving two main roles: Infiltrator and Navigator.

Using a VR headset, or separate monitor, the Infiltrator must make their way through a dangerous maze full of enemies and traps. They must rely on information from the Navigator/s in order to succeed.

The Navigator can be played by one or many players. Navigators can see a map of the facility and shout instructions to the infiltrator, but must rely on the infiltrator’s description of their environment to suggest the best path. Both roles must be in constant communication.


atomicom_logo_03Atomicom is building an exciting prototype for an F2P multiplayer, persistent fantasy world. Players will be able to design and build their own cities; collect and level up heroes, craft weapons, armour and magic items. Venturing out into the world, the players can explore and battle a huge array of mythical monsters for treasure and experience. When eventually strong enough, they can group together to hunt epic dragons and demons for ultimate glory and rewards. The world will have a realistic economy where players travel to new towns in order to sell their items and trade with other players.

The Secret Police

SecretPoliceLogoThe Secret Police is a London-based game developer focused on free-to-play mobile titles, drawing influence from the Japanese and Asian markets. Their first title, launching in 2016, is a battle RPG / character collection game. The game features beautiful 2D artwork, a host of characters to collect, evolve and fuse, intuitive and fun battle system, and gameplay which is easy for beginners to understand and enjoy but which offers huge depth to keep the most experienced players entertained.


seamaeopus-colorOff Grid is an adventure, satire and stealth game about a mishap antihero. You play an everyman pencil pusher, who is oblivious to the city’s prying and spying, corporate-sponsored government until a series of dark events unfold. The contemporary storyline follows real-world events surrounding data privacy, and gameplay utilises unique mechanics that allow you to manipulate the world and people around you with the data they unwittingly leave behind.

Cardboard Sword

CardboardSword_ShadedLightHIRESThe Siege and the Sandfox is what we like to call a ‘Stealthvania’. By infusing stealth into the typical Metroidvania experience we’re creating a unique twist on the ever-popular genre. Lovingly realised in an evocative 2D art style, with great attention to audio and presentation, we are building a beautiful world for our players to enjoy… from the shadows.

Master dynamic acrobatic abilities to traverse the cavernous depths of an ancient underground prison, evading detection and avoiding certain death at the hands of a sand-borne evil. Fight for your city – foil the enemy’s attempt to strike at the heart of the kingdom.

Plug In Media

PIM_logo300Paint Racer gets kids driving ‘paint carts’, smearing paint tracks and bringing colour and noise to CreateWorld’s barren, rocky deserts of white. It’s the first in a suite of mobile games designed to excite and engage 6-10 year olds in creative play activities.

White Paper Games


The Occupation is a first-person, fixed time, investigative thriller sim set in North-West England on 24th October 1987. The game begins at 3:27pm.

An attack has left 23 dead & has become a catalyst for the creation of The Union Act. A controversial act which threatens the civil liberties of the British population. The next 4 hours will determine the outcome of the act and the future of the country. Events happen in real-time and you must make decisions based on the evidence surrounding you.

Is the cost of an extreme action outweighed by the cause of the greater good?

You are the reporter. You decide the narrative.

Ruffian Games

RuffianLogoAn intense online or couch-play, multiplayer twin-stick shooter with some of the fastest and most frantic gameplay around. It’s a single screen, explosive arcade blast of fun where the weapons and levels are deadly and the rivalry is fierce. The top down view means there’s nowhere to hide so you better bring your “A” game and pick the right weapon for the job! Just make sure you know how to use it or you might blow yourself into a hundred tiny fragments. Fragmental releases on Steam Early Access in February 2016.

Paw Print Games

PawPrintLogoBloody Zombies is a co-op brawler designed to be played with any combination of TV/monitor and VR players. Fight across the ruins of London using carefully refined Free-Form Combat, taking down a terrifying variety of undead with an expanding special move-set. Created for 1-4 players, Bloody Zombies is also enhanced with VR – using its unique viewpoint to help the team overcome obstacles & discover secrets in the game.

Nosebleed Interactive

logoMain(PrintRez)Vostok Inc. is an antidote for frustrated gamers everywhere. A multiplatform hybrid shooter and strategy game you can enjoy on console whilst sitting on the sofa in a hardcore gaming session, just as easily as you can whilst tapping away on your mobile when the boss isn’t looking. It’s a game for the modern gamer, one who has to manage their spare time but still wants a “proper” game to play. It’s equal parts intense twin-stick arcade shooter, and passive resource management, with a compelling metagame that directly influences the second to second gameplay and vice versa.

Rumpus Animation

RUMPUS logo WHITEA Bleaker Predicklement is the next instalment in the Adventures of Bertram Fiddle. A comedy murder-mystery game set in a Victorian London full of weird and wonderful characters, perplexing puzzles and terrible puns.

Tag Games

TagLogo_TRans_MedResMisfits vs Monsters is a character management RPG, based in a quirky fantasy setting. Collect, train and manage a world of unique characters as they battle monsters, navigate dungeons and try to rebuild their downtrodden town in a stunning medieval city.

The aim of this prototype is to display the core gameplay elements and artistic style, whilst demonstrating the extended elements which the full game will include. We will be using this prototype to present the game’s potential to a number of publishers, with the desired outcome of securing a global publishing deal.