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Funded Projects Tranzfuser


The selected teams from our Tranzfuser project that went on to join the UK Games Fund portfolio are as listed below.

Miracle Tea

A game of tranquility through the art of matching cute characters in Ruya’s world of dreams.

A journey of self-realisation. In Ruya, you experience dreamscapes where everything is asleep to discover the nature of your own existence.

Release cute characters from Ruya’s motherly embrace that you match into gestured shapes. Visit surrealist worlds with juicy interactions. Decorate yourself in flowers. Unfold Ruya’s deepest memories and introspect.

Ruya has been developed by Miracle Tea, a group of four companions set out on a quest to craft simple but meaningful experiences.

Astro Manatee

Astro Manatee are a small Indie studio working on thier first title Voltaic.

Voltaic is a top-down multiplayer shooter that combines bouncing projectiles with rapid movement.

The core gameplay focuses on constant movement. Four players take to the battlefield in a various world locals, where they battle it out in multiple gamemodes.

Players have the ability to shoot a projectile that ricochets off surfaces multiple times, destroying enemy players upon impact. Players reload through movement, to balance their rate of fire and to increase conflict by forgoing the need to search for ammunition.

Shuttershade Studios


Shuttershade Studios is working on a Virtual Reality game with its main aim being to bring people together to experience this incredible new technology. It primarily consists of a collection of various minigames that leverages the possibility of the technology. Players can compete globally through an online leader board system or locally with their own friends in a casual competitive environment. The goal is to create a VR game which easily introduces players to this technology.

Mochi Mode



In a game of bright visuals and simple one touch gameplay, Moo Moo Move sees you controlling a herd of chubby cows. The setting changes to different locations across the Wild West but the goal is the same: you must guide your plump friends to safety. Take your herd through a host of colourful obstacles in this fun, addictive arcade game.

Mujo Games

Played with just the tap of your finger, Beat Guru is a distinctive rhythm game like no over. Easy to pick up and full of surprises, Beat Guru is made for rhythm game newcomers and seasoned maestros alike. Pairing a groovy soundtrack with a bold and vibrant art style, Beat Guru is an audio-visual treat that you won’t want to put down.


Challenge hundreds of enemies and environmental hazards that stand in way of your Scouting.Automated.Machine.

The journey will be difficult and you might lose a couple of your S.A.M units, but it will be worth it in the end. In this hardcore, pixel-art rogue-like explore what is beyond the city walls and discover the rich history of the world.

Research new technologies and upgrade your equipment, which will allow you to have an upper hand when you venture into the unknown. But be careful with your spending, or you might just end up going bankrupt!

Biscuit Sandwich Games

Biscuit Sandwich Games is a small indie team developing our first title Ready Set Sumo!

Ready Set Sumo pits up to four players and their crazy characters against each other to triumph in the ring. Battle to be the last one standing as you fight your way to victory, whacking and thwacking each other with out of this world weapons.

Using weapons from our massive arsenal, players fight through a variety of game modes, across multiple arenas avoiding dangers unique to each level, earning them rewards to customise their characters.

Studio Mutiny

SAI is a third-person action game exploring Celtic folklore and deforestation. Set in a magical forest, players will discover an environment damaged and destroyed by onslaughts of machines. These metallic creatures tear and wreck their way through the land to get to the core of its magic, the Heart Tree. As a Druid, protector of the natural world, you must explore this beautiful realm, harness the power that still lingers here, and uncover its dark past. Stop the machines. Protect the land. Save the forest.

Disco Reptile

In Hypochondrinomicon, four heroes have found themselves in another world with no way out, and slowly realize that their coincidental appearance in this world may have been more than just an accident. Starting with “Journey to Elphame”, players must make decisions in battle based on their enemies’ predetermined attack patterns.