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Two Words

Simpler, quicker and easier to play than Scrabble, Two Words is the fun new way for friends to play a word game together.

It’s simple to play – just take turns to make a word with your letter tiles based on the last word made. After each turn the previous word is removed – there is only ever Two Words on the board!

As well as the normal set of letter tiles you get four specials to help you make longer, higher scoring words. Use them wisely to maximise your score!

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Broken World

Broken World is a MOBA-like game with ARPG elements. The player collects heroes and can fight for the factions of dark and light. The main game objective is to dominate a weekly world map by fighting in each of the maps arenas. There are several key meta-goals too that will be common to most players including collecting heroes, join a clan of likeminded players and make your clan the strongest.

The arena reacts to the player’s performance. If they are a Dark Hero, they darken that part of the arena. Consequently, if they are a Light Hero they lighten that part of the arena. This means the colour palette drastically changes, as does the geometry and creatures and no other fantasy game has this feature.


Embark on a clockwork adventure set in a mechanical ecosystem as Cognito, a curious creature whose duty to maintain the life cycle of this spellbinding world leads him on a journey to uncover the dark secrets at the heart of the machine.

The Siege and the Sandfox

A shining city lies besieged in the heart of a vast desert. As the moon rises over the royal palace, a notorious assassin watches the king die to a traitor’s hand. Discovered, falsely accused, and thrown into the labyrinthine dungeons below, they must escape to tell the tale else the city will fall.

Master dynamic parkour abilities to explore the cavernous depths of an ancient underground prison, evading detection and avoiding certain death from a sand-borne evil. Fight for your city! Foil the enemy’s attempt to strike from within the heart of the kingdom.

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The Occupation

The Occupation is a first-person, fixed-time, investigative thriller set in north west England on 24th October 1987. You play as a journalist in a detailed, systems-driven world where people react to your actions and time is your biggest enemy.

It’s 1987 in North West England; A time of 80’s British pop, grand architecture and political unrest. An explosion has triggered a controversial act which threatens to erode civil liberties of the population to be rushed into place. You are tasked with investigating and questioning people on their actions from a tumultuous night which resulted in the loss of many lives. Each person has a different account of the night’s event and you must use the tools at your disposal to get the results you need for your investigation.

Will you take the most direct route at the risk of getting caught, or plan your approach carefully whilst precious time ticks by? Events happen in real-time and you must make decisions based on the evidence.

You are the reporter. You decide the narrative.

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Creative England’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies

Winner – Indiecade’s ‘Best Performance’ award, 2019

Nominee – ‘Best Use of Engine’, Develop Conf, 2019

American Fugitive

Inspired by classic GTA, American Fugitive is a modern take on sandbox action, offering a new 3D top-down open-world single-player experience.

You take the role of Will Riley. No angel for sure – but not a killer. Yet the cold-blooded murder of your dad is the crime they locked you up for. Fuelled by grief and a burning desire for vengeance, you’ll bust out of jail intent on finding the real culprit.

Once outside, you’ll need to blend with the townsfolk to avoid recapture. Establish contact with the criminal underworld and stay one step ahead of the police dragnet.

Set in the deep south of the 1980s, American Fugitive is a love-letter to the classic movies and games of old.

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Best Arcade Game – TIGA Awards 2019


CreateWorld is designed as a suite of connected mobile apps filled with interactive toys, games and missions, conceived with the purpose of gamifying creative play for 6-12 years olds.

The first game to be produced in the Create World suite of apps is Sketchy Racer; a 3D adventure laden cart racer with the addition of fun paint effects and a creative outcome. As players race through different landscapes they create marks made from the paint spraying out behind them and the splatters from their tyres. The images you create can also be enhanced with paint-based weapons, and you battle other drivers. At the end of the race, the view pans vertically up to reveal the final image your racing efforts created.

The game is split between three modes: Story, Race and Freestyle. At the end of each level, players are rewarded with credits which they can use to upgrade their vehicles and purchase weapons used to create new marks.


OFF GRID is a 3rd person stealth hacking game where data is your most powerful weapon. OFF GRID forgoes combat for hacking tools and ingenuity, and is completely moddable.

Gameplay utilises unique mechanics that allow you to manipulate the world and people around you with the data they unwittingly leave behind. It’s a stealth game where the player can truly hack and manipulate objects in the environment.

The seemingly normal OFF GRID world is a dystopia governed by an overreaching state, always seeking to know more about the daily movements, thoughts, and search history of the general public. You play a technophobe single dad, Joe, who is oblivious to the prying and spying, corporate-sponsored government.

It is within this surveillance state that you must figure out how to game the system undetected. Your motivation is simple: your tech-savvy daughter, Jen, has been forcibly taken from home by government agents. What happens next is up to you.

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UKGF Smart Studio Award, UK Games Fund, 2018

Indicator Award, Sweden Games Conference, 2018

CE50: One of the top 50 creative companies in England, Creative England, 2018

EGX 2017: One of the ten best games on the show floor, Eurogamer Staff Picks, 2017

Official Selection, Leftfield Collection at EGX, 2017

Game of Show, Bonus Stage, 2017