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The Crystal Curse

The Crystal Curse (working title) is a local co-op VR game, giving teams of friends and family a hilarious social experience through a groundbreaking mix of VR, mobile devices and boardgame mechanics. Inspired by beloved classics like The Crystal Maze, Knightmare and Jumanji, Crystal Curse is a unique mix of communication, fun and occasional chaos.

One player enters VR to play ludicrous minigames. The twist? All require the team’s help! The team use their mobile devices to solve clues, guide the player and complete AR activities. Veering between collaboration, confusion, backseat driving and laughter, teams must ultimately triumph together.

Lumie & the Dimlits

Lumie & the Dimlits is our third person 3D adventure game inspired by Pikmin. The brightness of Lumie’s Bulb Suit can soothe the feral creatures known as Dimlits, turning them into loyal followers and invaluable friends! Use their unique abilities to save your little sister, just don’t let the light fade…


Sentient is a narrative puzzle-game for PC being developed by Stormcloud Games in conjunction with novelist and screenwriter, Alan Campbell. Sentient’s dark, original narrative explores the pervasive integration of technology into all aspects of our lives and questions its place in our future.

Private Eye

Private Eye is a cinematic, first-person psychological thriller, crafted exclusively for virtual reality.

Set in the 1950s, players adopt the persona of Sam Sutherland, a newly appointed detective in the fictional police department of Dunton City.

After a serious accident resulting in dissociative amnesia, Sutherland now convalescing, must recover lost memories from his hospital bed, delving into the case of the execution of a local trouble maker and a spate of killings, which might now threaten his own life.

Evolving the point & click genre for VR, we place visual exploration and environmental storytelling at the forefront, creating a rich, thought-provoking game experience.


Onar is a single player scifi narrative driven RPG created by Belfast based independent video game developer Rewind play games. Onar  details the journey of a father and his young son over a period of several months, as they attempt to escape a futuristic utopia in search of a life off the grid. When their disconnection from the system is discovered by the Sintiús (the technocratic authority that rules Onar) they are hunted by the regime.


Amygdala is a first-person, turn-based, dungeon-crawler RPG with a strong, character-driven narrative, set in an alternative history during the closing stages of WWII.

Up there lies the carnage and destruction, but as you lead a make-shift party of survivors to safety, you discover a far greater terror lies beneath.

Toxic mustard gas has been evolving nature since WW1 and this environmental time bomb is about to explode, as these mutated creatures begin to resurface.

Players must rely on their instincts and adapt quickly to the hostile underground environment if they are to prevent the age of mankind from crashing down.

Meridian Line

Meridian Line is a first-person Navigational Thriller set on an automated underground transport network in London.

Players must break into the underground late at night, solving situational puzzles while piecing together what happened to their missing brother, an urban explorer obsessed with an undocumented ghost station called Sanctuary.

Travel around the network, using lock-picking, way-finding and other skills to reach abandoned ghost stations and pick up your brother’s trail, while unravelling the mystery of suspicious electrical interference, strange figures in the shadows, and the chilling feeling that the network itself is plotting against you.

Billie Bust Up

Billie Bust Up is a musical 3D platformer inspired by 2D animated musicals, with memorable unique villains and singing bosses. We’ve entwined the gameplay into the music, and each main character has their own song that sells their personality, motives, and charm.

Billie is a magical goat with a love for adventuire and all things magic, with her loyal baby fox Oscar right by her side. In a mighty twist of fate, she is recruited by a reluctant Aristotle the axolotl, her late father’s old partner, in adventuring on a quest to retrieve powerful artifacts that have fallen into the hands of a few dastardly (and very musically inclined) villains. Join Billie, Oscar, and Aristotle on a musical quest for knowledge and to regain the powerful magic that was lost, meet a whole cast of colourful characters, and learn a few magic spells of your own to help you out along the way!

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Creature-battling with an adult humour twist, welcome to the world of HoloFist!

HoloFist is a tie-in game for a cartoon that doesn’t exist. A turn based battle game where reaction times matter, with a visual style that attempts to imagine how old school pixel RPGs might look in 3D.

With the help of your colourful ‘Holobuddies’, like Mathmoth, Pieceratops and Pakoon, you travel the island of Fistopia; the fist-based dystopia.

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Murder at Malone Manor

Baron Malone has been killed, and one of his guests did it! Solve or sabotage in our super-social online multiplayer murder mystery game.

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Finalist – Big Indie Pitch

Pocket Gamer Gamescom 2018

Finalist – Big Indie Pitch

Pocket Gamer Connects London 2019

Finalist – Most Anticipated 2019

Northern Ireland Game Development Awards 2019