Project Category: Funding Year 5

Forgotten Sea

Waking up on a beach, you find mysterious numbered messages in floating bottles telling the tale of a distant traveller. Sail away to find the remaining messages, discover who wrote the messages, and if can they be saved.

To find all of the messages, you must travel through the mysterious portals which transport you and the world back through different seasons. Explore the coastline while collecting stories and witness memories of events long since passed. Will you find all the messages and discover the fate of the lonesome sailor, lost in a forgotten sea?


SAI is a third-person action game exploring Celtic folklore and deforestation. Set in a magical forest, players will discover an environment damaged and destroyed by onslaughts of machines.

These metallic creatures tear and wreck their way through the land to get to the core of its magic, the Heart Tree. As a Druid, protector of the natural world, you must explore this beautiful realm, harness the power that still lingers here, and uncover its dark past.

Stop the machines. Protect the land. Save the forest.

Ready Set Sumo!

Biscuit Sandwich Games is a small indie team developing our first title Ready Set Sumo!

Ready Set Sumo pits up to four players and their crazy characters against each other to triumph in the ring. Battle to be the last one standing as you fight your way to victory, whacking and thwacking each other with out of this world weapons.

Using weapons from our massive arsenal, players fight through a variety of game modes, across multiple arenas avoiding dangers unique to each level, earning them rewards to customise their characters.

Project: S.A.M.

Challenge hundreds of enemies and environmental hazards that stand in way of your Scouting.Automated.Machine.

The journey will be difficult and you might lose a couple of your S.A.M units, but it will be worth it in the end. In this hardcore, pixel-art rogue-like explore what is beyond the city walls and discover the rich history of the world.

Research new technologies and upgrade your equipment, which will allow you to have an upper hand when you venture into the unknown. But be careful with your spending, or you might just end up going bankrupt!

QB Cubed

QB Cubed is a Rubik’s cube like puzzler.

You are tasked to get an astronaut to their ship using paths on each face of the cube. Often the paths won’t line up with the adjacent paths, so you must rotate sections of the cube to find a connecting path.

You control an astronaut exploring the universe. You will encounter strange and mysterious worlds each with their own set of challenges.
As you progress through the game, the puzzles will become harder and the cubes larger. Most of the planets will feature unique stage mechanics in this action packed unique puzzler.


Loveshark make camera games for gen Z.

These are bite size, mobile games that use augmented reality and machine learning to bring the game to life in the players own environment. Every game played creates shareable video content featuring the player. We are building the next-generation, social gaming platform for gen Z which is mobile, inclusive and content-centric.

Just Breathe

How do we cope with negative thoughts? How do we progress when they slow us down and bring overwhelming obstacles upon us?

Follow Loki, a cat-like masked creature on a journey for self-acceptance and empathy, as he learns to navigate his anxiety and his emotions through a gameplay based on mindfulness. Accompany him through his distress, panics, relief and peace. All he can do to progress is to Just Breathe…

Warp Drive

Warp Drive is a fast-paced new arcade racing title with a brand new core mechanic: instantly warp between parallel dimensions as you race!

Flip between dimensions to discover shortcuts, secret areas and alternative routes as you battle for 1st place! Has the bridge been destroyed? Warp to the other dimension, where it is still intact. Is a tunnel entrance blocked? Warp to the other dimension, where it is clear and accessible. Do you have the driving skills to race two tracks simultaneously in this innovative new high-speed arcade racer?