Project Category: Funding Year 6


Transmission is a warm and immersive driving sim set in a haze of 80s neon. Go from dusk ‘til dawn delivering mysterious packages – all orchestrated from your in-car ParcelPal console.

Complete missions to earn money, upgrade your car, team and garage, all while stories unfold around the choices you make. Just want to drive? Enter ‘Endless Night Mode’ to sit behind the wheel and enjoy the experience.

The Analyst

In “The Analyst” you play as an ex-spy, leading a quiet life on the run in the north of England after quitting the agency in the middle of an operation. Problem is, in this line of work, you’re never out until they say you’re out…

The agency had been keeping tabs on you the whole time, allowing you to retire until they may need you again. One rainy day in October, they pay you a visit with a request: “one last job” for your freedom.

In this espionage-action game, you have to use your very particular set of skills to “recruit” a pair of scientists into the agency before your rivals, who will use any means necessary to get to them first.

Armed only with a dossier with a handful of names in it, venture out into the comic book inspired city and make a start on task number one, finding out what these two scientists actually look like…

Speed Ultra

Speed Ultra is a single-player VR sci-fi racing adventure. Upon inheriting your grandfather’s speeder and workshop, you advance planet to planet in a notoriously dangerous galactic tournament.

With no defined track, it becomes a wild race from checkpoint to checkpoint. Using your workshop as a home base, you launch into races across 4 exotic planets, ultimately qualifying you for the galactic final.

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INCubator is a tongue-in-cheek office management sim game about the wacky world of startup culture. As a successful serial entrepreneur, you’ll grow your business empire by starting ambitious new companies and turning failing businesses around.

Every company has funny stories from its formative years, and INCubator brings those stories to life through humour-filled singleplayer missions and random events. Whether you’re starting a new game development studio on a tight budget or helping a flopped tech company finally launch a successful product, you’ll find that every industry has its own unique challenges to overcome and hilarious stories to tell.

Success in INCubator is all about managing your people well. You’ll hire staff with different personalities and skills, handle workplace personality conflicts, and design a positive working environment to minimise stress and maximise productivity. Taking contract work will pay the bills while you assemble your star team, build your perfect custom office, and research your way toward your company’s dream projects. With the work literally pouring in the door, can you hustle well enough to keep your head above water while still promoting a happy and healthy working environment?


Winner of the International Serious Play gold award, Archipelayo aims to set a new standard for games used to enhance physiotherapy.

Archipelayo is a series of mini games designed to be used by children, aged 6-16, with Cystic Fibrosis – a lifelong, incurable disease. The disease causes thick sticky mucus to build up in the lungs and digestive system which leads to multiple health problems such as repeated chest infections, shortness of breath and lack of proper food absorption amongst many others. To reduce risk, sufferers of cystic fibrosis must clear their airways through various Airway Clearance Techniques or ACTs.

Working with Project Fizzyo and Microsoft, Archipelayo has been developed to be used in conjunction with the children’s ACTs. The game is played using the Fizzyo sensor which is attached to the Acapella, a device used to aid the clearance. The sensor turns breaths into computer inputs which can be used as controls for the game. Regular physiotherapy can reduce the health risks of CF and improve life expectancy; however, the process is tedious and proper adherence to their treatment is poor. Archipelayo is designed to increase adherence and encourage proper technique whilst making the children’s daily, grueling treatments fun with a variety of minigames.

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International Serious Play
Gold Award 2019

Unloc Enterprise Challenge
Sponsored by Verizon 2019

Converge Impact Challenge
Runner up 2019

This is Reality

This Is Reality is a single player side-scrolling platformer following the couple Liam and Lana, as they navigate the highs and lows of their relationship. Their relationship is part of the game, where their level of cooperation depends on how connected they are.

Join them on their adventures through the city of London and learn how they can overcome the biggest obstacles as a team, whether it’s dealing with overbearing store clerks, or finding seats together on the tube. Experience the joy of doing even the most mundane chores together, and grieve with them when their arguments turn ugly and they are unable to cooperate on the smallest task.

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Best Story Award
Castle Jam 2018

Best Overall Game Award
Castle Jam 2018

Project Guild Builder

In a cosy town, you set up your simple tavern to be the hub adventurers need, while making friends with an eclectic cast of townsfolk.

A 2D slice-of-life RPG set in an endearing fantasy world. Unlike the hero’s adventure, you’ll find your day occupied running your guild, mingling with locals around town, and helping them with their day-to-day lives. After readying your courageous adventurers for the horrors of dungeoneering, you’ll settle in for a night working at your pub: earning coin, gathering quests, and recruiting new members.