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Rallyallyally is a super playful, social multiplayer game, for 8 players online.

Players compete to create tracks, which they make just by driving around, then challenge each other to race them. Players create a new track every time they race, with each round handing control of the road to a new player.

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The City & The Stars

The City & The Stars is an adventure game set in a John Hughes 1984 Hollywood. You play the main character, travelling to LA to not only make it big as an actor but also track down your long estranged grandmother who became a famous actor years earlier.

You’ll learn new skills and ways of acting that will open up branching opportunities on film, TV, music videos, adverts and even billboards. Then when you’ve finished filming, you watch your scene back in context, from different cameras’ POV, with music, foley and other scenes you didn’t appear in.

You’ll meet some strange and wild characters in LA, learning that it’s not all that it seems. You’ll make it your mission to find the missing parts of your grandmother’s long lost screenplay, use your contacts and friends to help film it and even star as your own grand father.

Silver Rain Games

Silver Rain Games is an independent UK games studio working remotely. We are currently developing our unannounced title, focusing on creating narratives to empower players. Our aim is to produce immersive landscapes and in-game assets that can be implemented across other forms of media, with the intention of building a strong IP and attracting new audiences.

We value flexibility and aim to create a safe space for our team to explore and find their role within the game industry of today.


A brand new tower defence game with a twist JGG is known for! Set in the same universe as our hit debut “Starbeard”, the gnomes realised that some bugs are actually not the baddies and are integral to the ecosystem to the worlds they visit. But of course Twizzletash still pursues the money side and tries to wipe out pollinators to pillage and line his pockets.

The game will have a strong environmental education within it but is designed for late teens and up in terms of target audience. There will be post launch opportunities for kids versions, different monetisation systems and platform ports.

We are building on what we have learnt from releasing a polished premium game to build a stronger revenue opportunity with interested investors portfolios in mind. We are working as the same team that delivered Starbeard last winter, and we’re very excited to get back to the garden!


IamMUSIC explores the relationship between movement, sound and vision.

It is a product that has creativity at its heart and turns the process of making audiovisual art a physical experience. In Creative Mode you are the instrument, you become the interface – generating and controlling sound and light in new ways through your body’s movement.

IamMUSIC is an experience-led creativity tool, designed to remove abstraction from the artistic process and build a deep connection between physical movement and content creation. We are looking to do for music what Titltbrush did for art. With multiplayer, our users can jam with friends from all over the world. IamMUSIC’s Arcade Mode takes your compositions and turns them into a new style of rhythm game that encourages and rewards freestyle and creativity.

All this will take place in breathtaking environments that evolve and become part of the visual experience.

Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo is a single player 2D adventure game set during the Spanish Golden Age.

The player controls Miguel, a 12-year old boy on a quest to follow his father’s steps, while exploring the city and its surroundings. The game is divided into four chapters, each featuring a different character that will have an impact on Miguel’s journey.

The game plays out linearly, requiring the player to complete a number of mini games to progress the story.


Set in a vibrant prehistoric land, Theropods is an old school adventure game brimming with puzzles and plenty of dinosaurs!

Unlike most point and click adventures, Theropods has no dialogue or text, resulting in faster paced story telling.

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Grace Hopper: Bug Rescue

Grace Hopper: Bug Rescue is a puzzle action game, where you rescue your colleagues from machine circuitboards, terminals, algorithms and learn about computer science along the way.

The Bug Rescue world is vibrant, cartoony and fun. Though that doesn’t mean there won’t be many a perplexing puzzle a foot when it comes to mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.

Help Grace and friends create the first computer manual by saving bugs, and investigating the new and bewildering world of computers.


Aiyana is a direct evolution of the block builder genre which aims to give players modern graphics and a more challenging play style.

During the day, everything is peaceful and lush but at night a corruption takes a hold of the planet transforming it to become mystical and deadly.

Rather than focusing on purely sandbox elements we want to give players clear goals and rewards for completing them. We do this by allowing players to enter into portals where they have to defeat endless waves of enemies to earn their rewards.

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