Project Category: Funding Year 6


CityClick is a competitive city-building CCG with a Studio Ghibli inspired aesthetic. Think Hearthstone, but rather than placing cards you place buildings!

Players will collect cards and craft decks before battling it out in both co-op and head-to-head game modes to reach a cash or happiness milestones and come out victorious!

Each card comes with its own action and combo so players will have to think strategically in order to win.

Api’s Great Adventure

Ecological turn-based adventure survival game, where you must explore and pollinate areas of the environment using a colony of trusted bee’s! Improve the environment through pollination, and survive against hostile wildlife, extreme weather events, and the impact of humans on the environment through the ever changing seasons.

The game will have a narrative driven story in which you follow a colony of bee’s adventuring through different terrains to help restore the environment back to its former glory.

Travelling across the wilderness restoring areas and progressing through undiscovered and dangerous environments which will test the players skills and strategies.