Project Category: Funding Year 7

The Beautiful Game

The Beautiful Game is a casual, narrative driven Football Manager game.

TBG is a satirical take on the world’s most popular sport where you interact with petulant players, self important staff, entitled fans and shady owners, all with choices and dilemmas that have far reaching impact on both characters and team.

It’s your job to balance their needs as well as finances and your mental health to ensure you avoid the (inevitable) dreaded sacking.

Wholesome – Out and About

Wholesome is a relaxing life simulator about living in harmony with nature that can inspire real life activities. Connect with nature, forage, farm, cook and craft. Build and grow your own little shop and cottage and make friends with people and animals. And after playing, you can take the skills you learned and use them in real life!

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Finalist of UK Game of the Show 2021

Shikari X

Shikari X is a 3D Boss Rush inspired by the early 2000s era of gaming. Battle the 10 deadly Shikari through the paradigm of Third Person Shooting.

Control a Robot Protagonist guided by a multifunctional sentient Gun as you shoot, platform and puzzle your way through 6 unique Worlds. Unlock an arsenal of 7 specialised Gun Mods such as an Acid Spray and Homing Missile to navigate environments and defeat the ultimate challenge – the Shikari!

Each battle is inspired by a different genre of gaming, with a specialised HUD and cel-shaded art style as a throwback to the 2000s aesthetic.

Race for the Arctic

Race for the Arctic is an adventure docu-game that tells the story of this probable future. Set across the rest of the 21st century, players race as the fictional Freight Family to become leaders in Arctic cargo shipping. As their journey progresses and new generations take the helm, the environment evolves and the stakes increase. The result brings to life real-world data and expert predictions about climate catastrophe and the actors who seek to benefit from it.

Kaya’s Vale

Kaya’s Vale is a 3D, third person, adventure puzzle platformer based in a stylised prehistoric world, answering the question we’ve all asked; what would it be like to have your own dinosaur best friend? Kaya and Apollo have to work together to solve puzzles, scale heights, and conquer challenges on their quest to find her long lost tribe.

Take command of your own prehistoric companion in this wholesome adventure, and explore themes of companionship, heartfelt connection, discovery and acceptance.

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A bite-sized PVP strategy game of wits and luck, BattleTabs is a casually competitive, turn-based multiplayer game where players built up their fleets and battle one another.

Inspired by the simplicity of classic boardgames like Battleships and the depth of modern collectible card games like Hearthstone, BattleTabs is easy to pick up and play, with unique ship abilities and deck-building systems where players can create their own fleets to bring to battle.

The game can be played in real-time or asynchronously over a few days. Players can also create private matches to play with friends, or generate custom battle links to invite anyone to play.

BattleTabs is a competitive game with an active and friendly community of players hosting tournaments, sharing replays and streams. The BattleTabs community is a big part of the overall experience, with the community voting on new ships, suggesting ideas, testing new features, and helping new players – an important area of the project that we will continue to support.

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Playhead is a puzzle-platformer based inside a media player that uses the familiar timeline ui to manipulate time and progress through the levels. We plan on having an early noughties web cartoon art style with a variety of environments and playlists to explore.

The story is that you are a bot looking for glitches in the system and trying to fix them. The game will resemble online video sharing sites and will include a loose storyline told through the comments section allowing us to further showcase our Dislectek Tool.

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Project Flotsam

Project Flotsam is ultimately about overcoming grief and finding peace through gardening. Heather, the main character, gradually comes to terms with the troubled relationship with her deceased mother through the act of clearing away her forgotten witch’s garden and starting anew. Never having been gifted with the herb magics, through the interaction with the plants Heather discovers powers she didn’t think she had, and begins to see her world from a different perspective.

A beautiful, cozy, slice-of-life, narrative focused game that doesn’t shy away from the more melancholy and dark aspects of life we all have to go through at some point.