Project Category: Funding Year 8


At Mind Feast our mission is to create experiences that nourish minds and hearts. Our games aim to help people feel connected socially and emotionally – something that is needed in the world now more than ever. Right now we’re working on our hospital themed game, Co OPERATION: MultiTurn while building a community of players at the same time.

Co OPERATION: MultiTurn is a comedic 1-8 player tactical-puzzle game all about togetherness for PC and consoles. You are volunteers… in a hospital. Plan your turns and tactics together. Using teamwork, solve the puzzle of how to heal patients before they run out of health. Try not to give them the wrong medicine or… throw them out the window. Make your own levels and mods too! (If you want).

Similar to the Jackbox series of games, Co OPERATION is a dual screen game and you control it via your phone or any 2nd device. Additionally, it’s more than just a single game. It’s built on top of our custom framework which we call MultiTurn. Players can utilise our systems to customise art and gameplay code, share the mods they make with the community and play them online. Our games are creative platforms.

We’ve been lucky to receive the support from a range of UK funding bodies who aim to help grow the UK games industry and wider UK economy, including:

  • UK Games Fund
  • Cultivator/Screen Cornwall
  • Innovate
  • Creative UK

With this funding we’ve been able to ramp-up development, enter closed-testing with our pre-alpha build and grow our subscriber list of play-testers to 3,000. We’re now accelerating our community building to place us in a strong position for a future release while we continue to add innovative features which will delight players and streamers.

Check out the Game Trailer

Cinder Cone

The new, as-yet unannounced project from Cinder Cone, creators of Skeleton Crew, is a tragic tale of romance and revenge. Dark and bloody fantasy action in a Slavic setting – a chilling adventure of supernatural power.

Project Undrwrld

The world is dead. The sun has gone out. Demons roam the lands while the Arcana rule mercilessly from the decayed ruins of a world turned to ash. They say The Devil is in the details, and you are that detail – a fleshling brought to life and tasked with bringing an end to everything.

Project Undrwrld is a haunted action adventure game, manifesting as a fast paced twin stick shooter with all the goodness of a 1993 FPS mixed with the atmosphere of a pirate radio broadcast.

Cast your shadow across the corrupted lands, devour the hearts of gods, grow strong, fail, try again.

Sketchbook Games

After releasing their multi-award winning debut game, Lost Words: Beyond the Page, the team at Sketchbook Games are now developing a first person narrative title which is not yet unannounced.

The project is examining the topic of mental health, utilising the capacity of games to have a positive impact on players while also creating a unique, moving experience.

It’s being developed using the Unreal Engine and the team can’t wait to be able to be able to share more information soon…

Stories of Blossom

Stories of Blossom is a series of wholesome adventures, brought to life by the imagination of a young girl. Embody the personas she plays in each story, interact with silly characters in odd situations, and help her learn the lessons her Grandfather is trying to teach.

A series of colourful worlds brought to life with hand animated storybook illustrations, voiced characters, and an excellent soundtrack. A wholesome narrative featuring lessons that help us take control of our own stories and improve the lives of those around us. An accessible experience designed and tested to ensure there are little to no barriers for those with disabilities. Click here for a full list of accessibility features in the game.

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Grid Force – Mask of the Goddess

Grid Force is a grid-based tactical Bullet Hell RPG with dozens of unique characters and a deep story full of humour and loss, where every decision counts.

The frenetic real-time combat requires quick, strategic thinking. Explore the deep Class and Elemental systems to get an edge in combat and build your dream squad from the dozens of recruitable characters, each with charming storylines and game-changing abilities.

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Game Dev World Championship 2021 – Winner

Rokit Pitch Fest – Winner

UKIE Game of the Show – Finalist

Indie Booster – Finalist


You are the owner of an ambitious football youth academy.

Scout the best talent in the world and turn these wunderkids into world beaters.

Start from the bottom as you transform your academy from rags to riches, until you’re on the radar of all of the top clubs.