Prototype Fund: FAQs

We are now closed for new applications. The following information is supplied for reference only. Please sign up to our mailing list to get the latest updates.

Why do I need to register with the grant application system?

We’re using a new grant application system to help us manage applications to the fund. All applicants are required to register but can be assured their registration details will only be used within the context of the funding applied for.

What kind of projects will be selected for funding?

The UK Games Fund was established with the remit to support the UK’s early-stage game development and digital interactive business and creative ecosystem. Since launching in 2015, we have supported a funded portfolio of over 230+ interactive digital projects from independent game development studios based across the UK.

When assessing applications for funding, we are looking for those that come from talented UK-based teams with demonstrable ambition to grow to be a sustainable commercial business. The project will be creative and have commercial potential, with a clearly identified route to market backed up by research to prove any claims made about revenue projections.

I have been funded before and am looking to top-up the funding. Can I apply?

If you’ve been funded by us before, the impact of the previous grant awarded will be taken into account. You should be able to explain how another grant is going to make a real difference. Our goal is support self-sustaining businesses so it’s good to think about the journey that you’re on, and where we fit into that. If it didn’t work out last time, then we want to know what you plan to do differently – a “more of the same” type of pitch may not be enough.

We don’t fund continuation projects, so a straightforward submission for more money for the same project will be rejected.

I have applied to previous rounds with the same project but was unsuccessful. Can I apply to reapply with the same proposal?

Should your project be suitable and your team meets the criteria for eligibility, we would encourage you to consider submitting a revised application. It may well be for the same project, but do bear in mind that this is a new round of applications and so revision and updating of any information shared with us would be advisable.

Is there a quota of projects that will be selected?

There’s a max number of applications that we will accept in our system at any one time. If this is exceeded, we will close the round for applications. If you miss the window of application, don’t worry as we hope to open another round of funding soon.

What can I expect if my project is selected for funding?

If selected for grant support, funded project work can begin from January 2024 upon contractual agreement. Development can, of course, be ongoing before then, but any grant funds to be claimed can only be covered by the timescales as set out in our contract with you.

As part of the UK Games Fund portfolio of funded companies, you will join the more than 230 indie studios based around the UK that form the UKGF community of indie developers.

Funded companies will be fully informed as to how the claims process works in due course. Please refer to the How to Apply page for more information.

What costs are covered by the grant?

As stated on the How to Apply page, the only costs that can be claimed from the UK Games Fund grant will be staff costs for UK-based employees or contractors. You must cover any costs for non UK-based staff.

Why do all employees and contractors related to the funded project have to be UK-based?

As the UK Games Fund is supported by UK Government, our remit is support innovation within the UK’s independent game development sector as well as provide assistance in the growth of sustainable businesses based in the UK.

Please refer to the How to Apply page for further information.

What should I include in my written application?

All required information is clearly labelled in the written application and we advise applicants to carefully read through any support guidance as provided.

What should I cover in my pitch video?

Application guidance is available in a recorded and downloadable format. Please refer to the How to Apply page for more information.

I still have a question. How do I contact you?

Please be aware that we cannot comment on the content of your pitch and are not able to give detailed feedback on your potential application as we focus our efforts on supporting the application process for all interested parties. Any queries that are sent to us of this sort may not receive a response.

If you have a specific question that is not covered by the information as provided either here or on the How to Apply page, please email us This inbox will be monitored during office hours and we ask for your patience as we work through any queries.