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Funded Projects

Want to know more about our portfolio of funded projects?

Games development companies from around the UK applied to the launch round (Round 1) of the UK Games Fund in November 2015. Find out more about the Round 1 Funded Projects here.

The second wave of successful applicants (Round 2) to the UK Games Fund was announced in July 2016. Find out more about the Round 2 Funded Projects here.

The third round of successful applicants (Round 3) was announced in April 2017. Find out more about the Round 3 Funded Projects here.

The latest round of successful applicants from Round 4 was announced in July 2018. Find out more about the Round 4 projects here.

Tranzfuser, our innovative annual talent development competition, has produced several winning teams that have gone on to join our portfolio of funded projects. Find out more about them here.