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Entropic Glitch is a First-Person Stealth Game taking place in an unforgettable Retrowave Universe. The player uses unique 80s and quantum physics inspired mechanics to tactically advance through a retrofuturistic alternative 80s city.

The Retrowave genre is a postmodern art genre which entails music, 2D and 3D art and even philosophy. Branching out into so many important aspects it is comparable to romanticism and evokes feelings of nostalgia and hopefulness in the majority of people who immerse themselves in it.

With this project we finally try to create a game that takes the genre seriously and opens up to all the aspects of it. The player will thus tactically move against and tackle the problems of nowadays society to allow this alternative future to happen. The challenges will metaphorically represent our modern problems and will change according to the topics such as environmental change, corruption, mental health and much more. This game explores the depths of the post modern art genre Retrowave and immerses the player into a challenging first-person stealth shooter that holds more value.