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Strange things have been happening in Whitby. Some of the townsfolk have fallen ill under a serious life-draining illness; empty ships have returned to the harbour and there have been sightings of a huge beast roaming the moors.

This supernatural mystery, set in the Victorian coastal town, sees Ailsin, a spirit medium, invited to summon those on the other side. Academic and writer, Dr Shaw, is trying to expose Ailsin as a fake, whilst young novelist Bram Stoker, is determined to prove she’s genuine.

Ailsin travels through time, shapeshifts and converses with the other worldly when she has to free trapped spirits and prove her critics wrong. She’s forced to fight the demons and encounter dangers as sirens, vampires, Barghest and demons come to claim their victims.

Shadowlands is for players who enjoy games rooted in folklore, exposition and myths. The player takes on the role of the protagonist Ailsin. The game is part adventure and part mystery. Alongside multiple horror and fantasy elements, we combine combat and puzzle solving; players discover narrative objects and game tools to help unlock the puzzles. It’s for players who love worlds of nostalgia, the unexplained and extraordinary characters.