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As the first in a range of fully accessible binaural AR action-adventure mobile games with branching “choose-your-own-adventure” style stories, Fortune Is Blind follows takes the player on an adventure of their own choosing!

Each playthrough could offer something different to the player as the blind protagonist navigates the branching story toward multiple different endings. Will the player choose to shoot their way to the end, or will they employ stealthier options? Maybe they will instead try to negotiate?

Fortune Is Blind utilizes both haptic and auditory feedback to include mechanics such as: aiming and shooting, branching choices, searching, stealth, driving, navigation, and more!

Most importantly, every mechanic has been developed and tested extensively with visually impaired accessibility in mind, and the team has worked diligently to ensure a top-quality experience for everyone. No player will be left out of the fun in this accessibility-focused game!

Scriptoria Illuminate is a new team founded with the explicit purpose of creating games that can be enjoyed by both the seeing and the visually impaired equally.