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Build your own moving fortress and manage a crew of apocalyptic madmen as you blast your way through the deadly wastes of Rustbreaker. In this 2D roguelike you must construct your own unique trawler from scavenged metal, directing your crew in battles of tactics and mass-destruction. Learn the story and meet the denizens of this whimsical and explosive world as you forge your ship and crew into a force of reckoning on your journey to the centre of the world, where Paradise is rumoured to await…With millions of possible trawlers, hundreds of event branches and several rich biomes to explore, Rustbreaker provides a unique experience for every player, and every subsequent playthrough.

Discover the lore-rich world and interact with your crew in different ways with each run, unlocking new starting scenarios and factions to play with. Enjoy the process of placing trawler rooms together to create a heavy gun-laden dreadnought, or an engine-slick speed machine. Choose one of many randomly-generated paths through the hazardous world map.Whether you choose to create a rustbucket ship of greasy oil-goblins, or a hardened crew forged from gunpowder and steel plate – the choice lies with you.

Welcome to Rustbreaker, captain.