Project Category: Round 13

Meridian: Frontier

Meridian: Frontier is a story-driven ‘lite-survival’ base-building adventure game with a unique low-poly ¾ view style and deep, systemic gameplay. Explore a futuristic sci-fi underground world to mine and prospect for the valuable resources you need to build up your mining colony.

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Creatures Like Us

Creatures Like Us is a narrative driven lightweight sim game that focuses on a group of houseless characters as they band together to squat a building. With a story and mechanics that focus on mutual aid, anarcho-queer politics, and balancing the needs of the individual vs the needs of the community.

Project Nightmare

Our currently unannounced new title at Dream Harvest combines turn-based tactical combat against boss-like Nightmare Creatures with, moral decisions, base management, and survival mechanics set in a dark, occult-infused re-imagining of Victorian London.

The game aims to innovate in a number of key areas creating a mature, deep, and highly challenging, tactical experience for players, influenced by turn-based tactical boss battler board games such as Kingdom Death Monster and Aeon Trespass.

Popup Space Quest

You pilot a spaceship as a post robot, flying between different planets/pages of a physical popup book. The game is played through projection mapping on a physical popup book. Each page will have some kind of mini-game and characters to talk to as part of a few short stories which will be designed to be replayed in different ways.

Yes, Your Grace: Snowfall

Yes, Your Grace: Snowfall is a cinematic kingdom management game. Make alliances, support your loved ones and rebuild the trust of your people. Dive into a Slavic-folklore inspired world, bursting with enchanting characters that will bring trouble, help or laughter into your throne room. Challenge your petitioners’ intent and decide if you want to satisfy their pleas.

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Song Star

Song Star is a rhythm action mobile game that aims to allow anybody to enjoy creating custom songs and dance videos.

We aim to be a fun and inclusive environment where everyone can express themselves through music and dance.

Swoopy Space All-Stars

Get ready to blast off into space with a smile on your face in Swoopy Space All-Stars, a multiplayer avoidance space game, where players are required to collect all of the stars that have been taken from the night sky, while avoiding interstellar objects from asteroids to UFO’s that are idly waiting to blast you into oblivion!

Play as an array of cute characters, collect pets to help you throughout your journey, upgrade your abilities to give you a strategic advantage, defeat epic bosses to advance in your expedition, unlock customisation options for your character and pet, discover space and collect stickers to create your own corner of the universe!