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The UK Games Fund’s new content fund was launched today at WASD. The content fund will provide grants of £50,000 to £150,000 to indie games studios that can demonstrate an employment and revenue growth trajectory.

Portfolio Manager of the fund will be industry veteran Colin Macdonald who brings a wealth of experience in games development as well as previously being the games commissioner for Channel 4. Colin also champions the UK’s indie studios through regional events and Games Jobs Live.

The £5m of funding to enable the UKGF content fund was awarded through DCMS’s recent Creative Sector Vision which highlighted the growth potential of the creative industries.

“This funding brings a step change for the support we can provide for the UK’s indie games sector. For the first time we’re able to go beyond prototype funding and support larger-scale content development projects”

said Paul Durrant UKGTF Founder and CEO

“We’re also able to provide a content fund grant up front, with no long-term repayment obligation provided our conditions are fully met. We’re open for applications now and expect demand to be high. As ever, we recommend you contact us as soon as possible to apply.”

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