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Month-long residential project with direct route to project funding in the Scotland’s sunniest city offers new hope to fledgling start-up studios in midst of industry-wide layoffs.

DunDev 2025 is now seeking Expressions of Interest from eligible parties as young games dev companies lay their foundations for growth in an evolving sectoral landscape. With global job cuts into the tens of thousands, innovative teams of developers are coming together to set out their stall as the next generation of creative, games-dev studios.

DunDev sees up to four studios come to Dundee – home of legendary UK-born IPs and games dev companies – with accommodation, office space and a unique tailored programme of activity all provided. Each participating business is given the opportunity to focus on business and professional growth free from any external pressures.

Kirsty Gibson, Head of Impact at UKGTF, said:

“While the current economic climate for games development professionals may be at best challenging, we have seen an increase in new studios coming to us as applicants to our Prototype Fund. The DunDev opportunity might just be coming at the right time for start-up teams building on their career experience. We’re keen to extend the hugely impactful opportunities that our unique DunDev project can offer to this wave of start-up independent UK-based companies.”

Professional skills and creative innovation is something the UK games development sector has in abundance. We’re keen to support the growth trajectory of the newly established games dev studios of today with the unique experience of the hothousing residential project only offered by DunDev.

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