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Test out your driving skills in Cabbie! an epic top-down taxi adventure for 1-4 players. In a universe where an evil corporation is hellbent on polluting every planet with its highly toxic transport technology, Cabbie’s home planet is at risk, so it’s down to their small eco-friendly taxi service to get the residents to where they need to be and force the contaminating competition to renounce their plans.

Work together to complete as many fares as possible before the clock strikes zero. The faster you drive the more fares you can complete and the higher your tips will be! But be warned, you’ll need to handle your cab like a pro to avoid crashes and the hefty fines they may deliver.

Progress from town to town and planet to planet to explore and experience new challenges whilst spreading the eco positive message and technology throughout the galaxy.

Take to the wheel alone or join up with friends and family in local or online multiplayer.