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Break the bitter attrition of the Great War using timing, tactics and telecommunications in Morse.

Step into the shoes of Ida Brockett, a working class Morse code operator taking the war into her own hands. Before you relayed messages, but now you’re calling the shots. Literally. Send co-ordinates for artillery strikes to cut off supply chains, batter trenches and shred recon planes, all whilst learning a lost language. In between your shifts, wander the grounds of the manor house and get to know the other staff working on the base.

Can you change the world with a push of a button?

.– …. .- – / …. .- – …. / –. — -.. / .– .-. — ..- –. …. –

With the funding from the UKGF, we plan to update MORSE from its current tool Stencyl into Unity, expand the narrative and produce a vertical slice to pitch to publishers. Very exciting times!

Check out the Game Trailer