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The Great Smog is a Co-Op Steampunk Horror that blends the group scares and legendary enemies of Horror Hunters such as Phasmophobia with the player-driven gameplay and reactive world of Immersive Sims such as Bioshock.

You and up to 3 friends will descend from your Airships, customizable bases far above the dangerous streets, into iconic London locations in order to defeat their mutated inhabitants and collect resources to upgrade and adapt your gear.

Explore the abandoned ruins of the jewel of an empire at its height of power – a London on the cusp of revolution both technologically and politically.

Delve into its many landmarks to collect resources, encounter mutants and uncover the secrets behind the mysterious Great Smog.

Whether it’s through stealth, shooting, luring mutants into a trap or cleverly adapting the environment – you and your friends are free to take on the streets of Steampunk London however you choose.

Tackle problems in any way you see fit, and navigate levels through multiple routes, all fitting your unique playstyle.

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