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A bite-sized PVP strategy game of wits and luck, BattleTabs is a casually competitive, turn-based multiplayer game where players built up their fleets and battle one another.

Inspired by the simplicity of classic boardgames like Battleships and the depth of modern collectible card games like Hearthstone, BattleTabs is easy to pick up and play, with unique ship abilities and deck-building systems where players can create their own fleets to bring to battle.

The game can be played in real-time or asynchronously over a few days. Players can also create private matches to play with friends, or generate custom battle links to invite anyone to play.

BattleTabs is a competitive game with an active and friendly community of players hosting tournaments, sharing replays and streams. The BattleTabs community is a big part of the overall experience, with the community voting on new ships, suggesting ideas, testing new features, and helping new players – an important area of the project that we will continue to support.

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