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Steambots is a drop-in co-op cosy puzzle platformer where the players control three robots that each have a unique ability to help navigate through a series of puzzles. The game consists of 50 challenging puzzles spread across 5 levels set in different environments. The environments have a stylised design, with each stage having a unique aesthetic identity.

You play as three faulty robots destined to be scrapped for parts, working together to escape their factory. Using their abilities, you will solve a range of challenging puzzles, traversing multiple areas of the factory, unlocking new abilities along the way.
Made for 1-3 players, Steambots will feature local split-screen as well as online multiplayer. For each level the player will be able to complete challenges and time trials, including an online leaderboard and character customisation. The game will be designed with a strong focus on accessibility to ensure it can be enjoyed by a wide range of players of all abilities and devices.