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Embark on a journey bound for the stars in “Lumi: Starbound Adventure,” a 3D platformer where imagination meets gravity-defying gameplay. As Lumi, you’ll explore a vibrant worlds in the cosmos. Harness the power to manipulate floating platforms, moving and rotating them to create your own path among through the world. Each platform is a puzzle, a dance of coordination and timing that challenges your reflexes and wit.

Discover a semi-open world filled with hidden pathways, secret alcoves, and collectibles that reveal the lore of forgotten civilizations. With a delightful blend of action and adventure, “Lumi: Starbound Adventure” invites players of all ages to defy the ordinary and leap into the extraordinary. Whether you’re bouncing on clouds or skating on ice, Lumi’s journey is one of joy, discovery, and celestial wonder — a breath of fresh air for the platformer genre.

There is a development update blog on the website, this is the latest post:

Building a World

Check out the Game Trailer