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INCubator is a tongue-in-cheek office management sim game about the wacky world of startup culture. As a successful serial entrepreneur, you’ll grow your business empire by starting ambitious new companies and turning failing businesses around.

Every company has funny stories from its formative years, and INCubator brings those stories to life through humour-filled singleplayer missions and random events. Whether you’re starting a new game development studio on a tight budget or helping a flopped tech company finally launch a successful product, you’ll find that every industry has its own unique challenges to overcome and hilarious stories to tell.

Success in INCubator is all about managing your people well. You’ll hire staff with different personalities and skills, handle workplace personality conflicts, and design a positive working environment to minimise stress and maximise productivity. Taking contract work will pay the bills while you assemble your star team, build your perfect custom office, and research your way toward your company’s dream projects. With the work literally pouring in the door, can you hustle well enough to keep your head above water while still promoting a happy and healthy working environment?