Project Category: Round 12


Midli is a mystical and inspiring tale about connecting with one’s inner self, delivered by an award winning team. Through a narrative driven and atmospheric experience, players will immerse themselves in a moment of calm.

Take on the role of Heli as she guides the fates of the spirits stuck in Midli, revealing their stories through collecting fragments of their shattered selves. Players will explore the importance of mindfulness and how it can help in coping with difficult emotions. Through its diverse cast of characters Midli offers a unique way to reflect on mental health struggles and hidden disabilities.

Planned for release in 2024 on iOS and Android.

Outer Empires 2

Outer Empires 2 is a groundbreaking, massively multiplayer online game that immerses players in a vast galaxy of 32,000 star systems. Players can embark on an epic journey, exploring and colonising planets and moons, extracting and refining resources, conducting groundbreaking research to create unique items, and manufacturing valuable items for trade. With a unique twist on ship-to-ship combat, reminiscent of submarine warfare, Outer Empires creates a realistic and engaging gaming experience like no other.

Nine Rounds Rapid

Introducing Nine Rounds Rapid, a fast paced super stylized roguelike twin stick shooter. Nine levels of designed and procedurally generated, punchy and punky fast mayhem in a uniquely stunning attitude filled world.

Set on a possessed, fragmenting space station, two fugitives (an underrabbit and a broken robot) must attempt the impossible and get to the source of the possession to claim their freedom and the spoils.

A searing selection of weapons, increasingly powerful special abilities, progressively weird foes, end of level bosses, hidden level sections, environmental hazards and entire hidden levels combine with a pumping soundtrack to provide a one of a kind, aggressive gameplay loop, unique every-session playthrough experience.

Check out the Game Trailer

Trash Goblin

Trash Goblin is a cosy and chill shopkeeping game that lets you discover, collect, customize, and sell unique Trinkets!

You play as a Goblin running a business in the backroom of an antique store in the middle of a busy fantasy town. You chip through lumps of dirt and god-knows-what in search of hidden treasures – you’ll discover then sell all sorts of weird and wonderful items, from discarded toys and forgotten knick-knacks to broken contraptions and even ancient artefacts!

Check out the Game Trailer

The Daughters of Time

No one has prepared us for how to become an adult, it’s hard, but you don’t have to do it alone.

The Daughters of Time is a story driven adventure game, follows Fei, a women in her 30s, as she tries to protect her childhood neighbourhood from being demolished and rekindle the heath of a once knit tight community, while discovering the family’s darkest secret.

Deviation Game

Engage in a unique drawing party game where humans must pit their creativity against a cutting-edge AI! Draw prompts in absurd ways that only your friends can decipher, but the AI can’t.

Play with friends locally or online via video conferencing tools. Simply join the game via any web browser using the unique room code and transform your phone, table or computer into a controller for both drawing and guessing.

Stretch your creativity and draw your way to victory!

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet is an arcade style shooting gallery game. You play as retired vampire hunter Van Helsing, now running Van Helsing’s Hound Pound. A sneaky vampire has dognapped the pups and it’s time to grab some silver bullets and head out to the rescue!