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Birchwood is a narrative driven psychological horror game which delves into the dark-side of 1980’s Britain.

After an ecological and personal tragedy befell your household a decade earlier, you must now return home and uncover the morbid secrets which lay at the heart of the once idyllic farmhouse, while confronting the evil which destroyed your family.
Armed with nothing but a VHS camcorder, it’s up to you to solve the mystery of what really happened on that fateful night ten years ago.

Made in the Unity Engine and developed by a new studio comprised of industry professionals along with film industry veterans, Birchwood promises a horrifying and immersive experience for anyone who dares journey into its cursed heart.

A diverse cast of performers, combined with a hauntingly original soundtrack help to bring the nightmarish world to life. Orchestral overtures blend with long forgotten Yorkshire folk songs to help create a eerily familiar yet uncomfortable horror experience.

The team hope to release the game on Steam this year, with Playstation and Xbox ports to follow shortly afterwards.