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Derpy God is a 2D side-scrolling real-time strategy game, with chaotic physics-driven battles, set in a fantasy world of gods and mortals. Gather resources, build defenses and send forth your armies in campaign mode, or get creative and craft crazy scenarios in the sandbox.

Select from a vast array of unit types, each with their own weapon, strengths, and weaknesses. Savage barbarians, noble knights, elven archers and more are at your command.

Arrange your troops into strategic formations to counter enemy attack waves. Protect your shrine to ensure your divine power does not falter, and destroy the enemy’s shrine to claim victory!

Derpy God is built on multiple overlapping simulation systems including physics, fire, water and necromancy, so not even we can predict what will happen in a battle! This is fine!

No battle can be won without the aid of your lumberjacks, blacksmiths and dwarven miners. Put them to work gathering the resources you need to build new units. Protect them at all costs, and spend those resources wisely!

Follow the story of River, rebellious slacker god of the village domain, on his journey through the realms in pursuit of Obsidius, evil overlord of the volcanic wastelands.

Become a true god of chaos and play with the infinite possibilities of sandbox mode! Every unit type, contraption, enemy, beast, weapon and building block is unlocked and at your fingertips! Want to give that dinosaur a shotgun? Go for it! Those tiny arms can handle it!