Project Category: Round 10

Heir of the Dog

After a mysterious explosion over Victorian London, Cummerbund Bandersnatch (a likeable, if dim-witted twit) visits his uncle’s laboratory and discovers an experimental new formula guaranteeing a “good time” for whoever drinks it. Seduced by the promises in his uncle’s journal, Cummerbund decides that it is probably safe to drink and discovers his life will never be the same again.

What may seem like a curse at first, leads Bandersnatch on a thrilling, love-torn adventure through the back alleys of Old London Town as he uncovers a sinister plot involving a secret society, the royal family, copious amounts of dog hair and his uncle at the very centre.

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Throwdown Champs

Whilst Throwdown Champs looks like a game, and plays like a game, it exists to do just one thing: to help people build healthy habits. By combining a grab-bag of seemingly disparate ingredients – like a run-down gym in a parallel universe, a miserable Unicorn with a dodgy GPS, and one person’s real-world journey from bulk to hulk – Champs hopes to share the joy of daily exercise with those that haven’t quite been able to make it stick yet.

Codename Wolf

“Codename Wolf” is an espionage action-adventure game set in a world where advanced technology and covert operations are the norm.

Play as a highly skilled operative embarking on a variety of missions featuring a combination of action, exploration, and a little bit of stealth.

Get immersed in a game that has a focus on story and use your arsenal of gadgets to retrieve intel that will help your employers influence global decisions.


Project XO immerses players in an action-packed virtual reality adventure as Captain Kate Alder, a former air force pilot who is tasked with piloting a cutting-edge exo-suit for tech giants 4D Industries. The exo-suit not only enhances Kate’s physical abilities but also utilises 4D Industries’ advanced AI technology.

During a routine exercise the 4D facility suddenly goes into emergency lock down, trapping Kate and unleashing the full force of the AI security forces. With the aid of the exosuit you will need to use your combat training and strategic thinking to battle your way through the complex and uncover the truth behind the lock down.

Project XO offers an unparalleled virtual reality experience with a thrilling storyline and immersive gameplay that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

VoxStory – Fantasy RPG

More than just a VTT

VoxStory is an innovative new game system for tabletop roleplaying games.

VoxStory is an easy to use desktop and mobile app that allows you to create cinematic TTRPG sessions through simple, intuitive gameplay. No complicated setups, no time consuming configurations. Just choose your world and characters, connect with family and friends and start seeing your adventure come to life in real-time!

This creates a unique and immersive experience where each player becomes part of the action.

Ready to build custom worlds and craft your own story? VoxStory is the new cinematic, customisable, rule flexible TTRPG.


Experience an ancient Norse deity’s rise to power in Odinheim, a strategic god game that combines creative town-building and miracles with Viking-inspired exploration and raiding gameplay. Faith is power in Odinheim: Explore the realms, build up your following, and raid other worlds to grow your influence and prove your worthiness to join the Norse pantheon.

Natural Language Game – Unannounced

Meaning Machine was established to develop games that use cutting-edge Natural Language technology. It represents the coming together of two teams – the developers behind the award-winning voice-controlled game “Unknown Number a First Person Talker”, and the Natural Language technologists behind WeSpeakGames and Web App Services.

The studio is grateful to have been selected by the UK Games Fund in their Round 10 of funding, and will be using the funds to pursue an innovative project, made possible through Natural Language technology.