Project Category: Round 14

North Star Video Games

We’re on an exciting journey, and we’re buzzing with excitement! We are bringing to life a calming, creative, and oddly satisfying gaming experience. Imagine diving into a world where every task brings a sense of peace and satisfaction. That’s the essence of our game. We’re eager to take you on this serene adventure. Stay tuned for an experience that’s as satisfying as it is unique.


Postiepocalypse is a First Person, Co-operative, Post-Apocalyptic delivery simulation game, where the user takes the role of an apocalypse survivor who finds a business opportunity in becoming a postie in the apocalypse.

Gather up to 4 friends, build your rig, scavenge for supplies, and create your post apocalypse delivery team to navigate the wastelands.

Project Block Rancher

Project Block Rancher is our upcoming (and as-yet announced) title – a unique blend of action and exploration with logistics and pattern building mechanics. This all takes places in a vibrant sci-fi world packed with a huge range of bizarre and exotic creatures and curious plant-life and a whole bunch of mysteries waiting to be dug up.

The game touches on themes of consumerism, dead-end jobs and corporate dysfunction and weaves comedy throughout. We’re initially targeting Steam and can’t wait to share more as we progress. Join our Discord or follow our socials to keep up to speed!

Hacker Tycoon

Hacker Tycoon is a topdown 3D management game about running a successful cyber security operation before the police, government tax officials or Evil Corp can shut you down.

Complete contracts from wealthy clients, manage your elite cybersecurity team, build spyware, hardware and malware and upgrade your security operations center to discover new attacks and strengthen your defences from outside threats.

Manage employee disputes, give promotions, upgrade skills and manage finances to keep your organisation afloat. Decorate the office and expand your horizons to take on more hackers and more lucrative assignments.


Squarelets: cosy design, easy to get, engaging for hours!

Squarelets is an endlessly cute image puzzle game. Play it on your phone when you want to relax and unwind, escape into a world of vivid colours, charming graphics, and satisfying gameplay.

Progress through levels of increasing difficulty by uncovering details of hidden images, and test your observation skills by finding which image was concealed.

Choose between 5 levels of difficulty and 2 play modes to match your game style to your current mood.

Thanks to the game’s custom AI algorithm for generating the images in each round, you’ll never run out of puzzles to solve.

You can also compete with your friends to see who can be on top of the leaderboard.

Add to it all the badges you can unlock, and you get a captivatingly cute game to play when you need a little break from the world!

Thanks to UK Games Fund, coming to Android soon!

Check out the Game Trailer

Project Hottan (Placeholder)

In a fictional dark fantasy world where cosmic horror infused with Feudal Japan, Project Hottan is a co-operative action roguelike where Risk of Rain 2 meets Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Death is an opportunity in this game, with each failure comes reward in the form of narrative and combat evolution. It is designed to reward the pursuit of mastery via deep and satisfying combat systems where the risk of a failed run keeps stakes high.

Players will team up to combat a myriad of horrific enemies inspired by Japanese myth and folklore, all the while, choosing a path to forge their journey through different environment biomes. Eventually coming up against The Rhythm, the sentient soundform keeping the land stuck in an eternal loop.


Birchwood is a narrative driven psychological horror game which delves into the dark-side of 1980’s Britain.

After an ecological and personal tragedy befell your household a decade earlier, you must now return home and uncover the morbid secrets which lay at the heart of the once idyllic farmhouse, while confronting the evil which destroyed your family.
Armed with nothing but a VHS camcorder, it’s up to you to solve the mystery of what really happened on that fateful night ten years ago.

Made in the Unity Engine and developed by a new studio comprised of industry professionals along with film industry veterans, Birchwood promises a horrifying and immersive experience for anyone who dares journey into its cursed heart.

A diverse cast of performers, combined with a hauntingly original soundtrack help to bring the nightmarish world to life. Orchestral overtures blend with long forgotten Yorkshire folk songs to help create a eerily familiar yet uncomfortable horror experience.

The team hope to release the game on Steam this year, with Playstation and Xbox ports to follow shortly afterwards.


Norigin is a narrative driven action adventure about a son reconnecting with his father through lost memories.

Think gorgeous stylized visuals mixed with cinematic gameplay and large scale monster mechanics – get immersed in this gripping and emotional origin story.


You are Carrie, a corporate espionage freelancer.

Your latest assignment: steal the “Interpolator”, a reality-shifting prototype device fabricated in the sprawling research labs of Project Sidereal.

Use the Interpolator to escape the grueling defensive layers of an enormous concrete facility straddling the width of Hadrian’s Wall and cross the threshold into the strangest frontiers of reality.

Project Sidereal employs the dystopic Oversight Taskforce to prevent you from escaping with the technology and selling it to the highest bidder. Outsmart this otherwise superior adversary by using their own technology against them.

DEFICIT is an FPS with immersive sim elements where every encounter, whether friend or foe, can be resolved forcefully, quietly or otherwise creatively.

Manipulate computer systems to turn drones, turrets and androids against their deployers. Phase-shift into higher realities to avoid obstacles and enemies. Escape with the Interpolator and forever leave your mark on the fabric of reality itself.