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You are Carrie, a corporate espionage freelancer.

Your latest assignment: steal the “Interpolator”, a reality-shifting prototype device fabricated in the sprawling research labs of Project Sidereal.

Use the Interpolator to escape the grueling defensive layers of an enormous concrete facility straddling the width of Hadrian’s Wall and cross the threshold into the strangest frontiers of reality.

Project Sidereal employs the dystopic Oversight Taskforce to prevent you from escaping with the technology and selling it to the highest bidder. Outsmart this otherwise superior adversary by using their own technology against them.

DEFICIT is an FPS with immersive sim elements where every encounter, whether friend or foe, can be resolved forcefully, quietly or otherwise creatively.

Manipulate computer systems to turn drones, turrets and androids against their deployers. Phase-shift into higher realities to avoid obstacles and enemies. Escape with the Interpolator and forever leave your mark on the fabric of reality itself.