Project Category: Round 9

By Grit Alone

By Grit Alone is a brutal VR survival shooter. You’re the lone survivor on a compromised starship, limping from derelict to derelict, exploring and scavenging the Bermuda triangle of space. Every encounter is a risk; each wreckage could contain vital resources, ancient stories or swarms of alien horrors. By Grit Alone, you will survive.

True Crime: A Liar’s Game

Pursue the mystery of who killed Charlie Goodacre – and who may have framed an innocent man.

You play as documentary filmmaker Jack, investigating a case of a wrongful conviction. Armed with your camera and a list of unanswered questions, you head to the small town of Hurt, where you must explore the town, interview suspects and spot when they are lying in order to reconstruct what really happened that night.

Can you prove that George is innocent, and find the real killer?

The Darkness will Devour Us

The Darkness will Devour Us is a turn based tactics game with a focus on strategic defence and RPG mechanics. Players must build a roster of guardians from the last survivors of a doomed world. Customise and control these desperate defenders, while each day shadows creep closer to the last citadel, can you hold back the darkness?

Twilight Array

Twilight Array is an explorative narrative game set in the far future. The player follows space scavengers Je and Ju as they enter an abandoned cruise ship stuck in graveyard orbit around a destroyed planet. As they delve further into the vessel they start to realise that it isn’t quite as abandoned as they thought, and the hidden truths in the ship and in their relationship are desperate to be revealed.

Twilight Array is part branching narrative and part adventure game. Players uncover the mysteries of the ship as they explore the rooms of its wealthy patrons, and influence Je and Ju’s relationship through multiple choice narrative as the tensions between them start to rise. As the game progresses the player must grapple with the ship’s AI systems that have survived somehow in the cold darkness of space and that have grown and changed in the thousands of years since their last human contact.

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Macabre Museum

Macabre Museum is a 1-4 player co-op adventure horror game. Explore the mysteries of a museum like no other; alone or with friends. Wield historical weapons, defeat different monsters, avoid brutal traps, and solve strange puzzles as the exhibits come alive at night…

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Test out your driving skills in Cabbie! an epic top-down taxi adventure for 1-4 players. In a universe where an evil corporation is hellbent on polluting every planet with its highly toxic transport technology, Cabbie’s home planet is at risk, so it’s down to their small eco-friendly taxi service to get the residents to where they need to be and force the contaminating competition to renounce their plans.

Work together to complete as many fares as possible before the clock strikes zero. The faster you drive the more fares you can complete and the higher your tips will be! But be warned, you’ll need to handle your cab like a pro to avoid crashes and the hefty fines they may deliver.

Progress from town to town and planet to planet to explore and experience new challenges whilst spreading the eco positive message and technology throughout the galaxy.

Take to the wheel alone or join up with friends and family in local or online multiplayer.

Planet Pollinate Level 2

Planet Pollinate is an innovative multiplayer virtual reality team-building game.

In Planet Pollinate Level 2 a team of three people have to work collaboratively to build the fantastic contraption known as the ‘Pollinator’ and then drive, navigate and find target areas to shoot. As a team, users need to create new paths to drive across to shoot at the targets and solve problems along the way.

Level 2 takes place in an arctic-like environment with a strong ecological focus, users will assist in keeping the glaciers frozen and removing plastic from the oceans to help the arctic creatures. The aim of the game is to motivate people to work together, developing their communication, team working, and leadership skills. At the end of the game, participants can find out how they performed both as a team and individually with cutting edge AI generated feedback.

This experience will gamify the learning experience, giving users tangible feedback on their performance.

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Project Diagnosis

Project Diagnosis is a sci-fi investigation game about caring for victims of alien abduction.

As a harassed doctor under pressure from shadowy government figures, you will need to keep your patients alive while trying to uncover the truth of what happened to them. It explores themes of care and listening in a weird and eerie world shot through with offbeat humour.

Botany Manor

Botany Manor is an exploration-puzzle game where you play as a retired botanist called Arabella Greene. It’s set in the 19th century, a time of great scientific discovery. Explore your house and gardens, filled with research, to figure out the ideal habitat for a collection of forgotten flora. Grow each plant to discover the mysterious qualities they hold…