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Apartment Story is about 3 people and a gun in a London flat developed by Blue Rider. It is a 3rd person narrative game with The Sims esq needs management and violent bursts of 3rd person action. It is a video game about not having any money, about the terror of a single, half loaded gun in a domestic setting and it is about love.

Gameplay is split between trying to keep your life stats up so that you can earn enough money to keep food in the fridge and the electric meter in your house topped up and dramatic narrative interjections.

Apartment Story is for adults of a very particular aesthetic inclination. That being of a preference for real-world, present-day settings, in particular urban locations and with an uncensored, mature outlook and depiction of sex, drugs, money, and class.

It addresses a mature adult desire to play a videogame that addresses real life thoughts, anxieties and experiences that we live through every single day and presents them back in an unfiltered way, without euphemism via an interactive medium. These themes are rarely treated as banal and commonplace as they actually are, and that lack of existing banality is exciting to us at Blue Rider.