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Starstruck is a game of romance and glamour, but also of careful strategy. Play your cards right to succeed at work… and at love.

In the glittering world of British film, as a smart and ambitious talent agent, you have just landed your dream job at a prestigious London firm. That dream is to run the department for struggling actors, and help them overcome their blockers to success.

But this is not just a tale of professional triumph. As you work alongside your actors, you will be faced with choices that will shape your relationships. Will you remain colleagues, or will your bond blossom into friendship… or even romance?

With a deft hand and a keen mind, can you craft the perfect strategy each week, and propel your actors to stardom? At glamorous parties, will you network and gather information? Through your tireless efforts, can you guide four actors on their journey to greatness, lifting them from the ashes of obscurity and into the bright lights of fame? Their fate is in your hands.