Project Category: Round 6

Purple Yonder

Based in the heart of Cambridge, Purple Yonder aims to develop hit entertainment franchises in genres we are passionate about.

The team is led by top industry talent, James Howard, who has worked on both AAA and indie titles over the years. Purple Yonder is committed to making compelling user experiences for the next generation virtual reality gaming.

The studio is grateful to have been selected by the UK Games Fund in 2020.


Arcgrid* (*Working Title) is a narrative-driven fantasy strategy game, where you lead a small caravan of heroes while they protect an ancient being on a mysterious pilgrimage.

The game tells the story of a small and peaceful village which has started to face a change in its way of life. When the immense tortoise that the tribe so deeply cares for wakes up and starts to move, it is up to a trio of friends to recruit a misfit band of warriors and find the powerful weapons that they will need on the journey ahead.

At its core, Arcgrid is a turn-based tactical strategy game, sitting somewhere between games like XCom, Divinity: Original Sin, and Worms.

You will traverse and explore a mysterious world map whilst trying to protect an ever moving caravan and you will use an expanding arsenal of abilities to gain dominance over destructive battlefields where elements run amok.

Dungeon Golf

Dungeon Golf is a turn-based dungeon-crawling loot-em-up, except instead of using weapons you’re playing mini-golf. Whack golf balls in to creatures to do damage, hit chests to claim their treasure, and avoid ancient traps (or use them to your advantage) as you work your way down through the depths of 18 procedurally generated holes.

Too much loot? Send some back with your caddy and meet them later at the pro shop to upgrade your clubs and equipment before taking on the next, harder, dungeon’s funky inhabitants, in the search for the legendary Double Eagle.


Transmission is a warm and immersive driving sim set in a haze of 80s neon. Go from dusk ‘til dawn delivering mysterious packages – all orchestrated from your in-car ParcelPal console.

Complete missions to earn money, upgrade your car, team and garage, all while stories unfold around the choices you make. Just want to drive? Enter ‘Endless Night Mode’ to sit behind the wheel and enjoy the experience.

The Analyst

In “The Analyst” you play as an ex-spy, leading a quiet life on the run in the north of England after quitting the agency in the middle of an operation. Problem is, in this line of work, you’re never out until they say you’re out…

The agency had been keeping tabs on you the whole time, allowing you to retire until they may need you again. One rainy day in October, they pay you a visit with a request: “one last job” for your freedom.

In this espionage-action game, you have to use your very particular set of skills to “recruit” a pair of scientists into the agency before your rivals, who will use any means necessary to get to them first.

Armed only with a dossier with a handful of names in it, venture out into the comic book inspired city and make a start on task number one, finding out what these two scientists actually look like…


Mooncake Games is using a UK Games Fund grant to develop a gameplay prototype for an innovative new IP, with a view to securing a publishing partnership in 2020.

Speed Ultra

Speed Ultra is a single-player VR sci-fi racing adventure. Upon inheriting your grandfather’s speeder and workshop, you advance planet to planet in a notoriously dangerous galactic tournament.

With no defined track, it becomes a wild race from checkpoint to checkpoint. Using your workshop as a home base, you launch into races across 4 exotic planets, ultimately qualifying you for the galactic final.

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