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Gather your hexes, balance your fate and sprinkle in a little witchcraft to free your coven in this rouguelike deckbuilder where you’ll find Karma’s a Witch.

Take back your coven now plagued with monsters, while battle begins by chance, witchcraft can bend the odds. Collect and use hexes to twist fortune in your favour, but be careful as all has a price and Karma won’t turn a blind eye to those manipulating fate.

– Spellcasting for beginners: Create the perfect spellbook, pick up new hexes and lose some less savoury ones as you build your perfect deck.

– Shifting Domain: Karma’s lair is ever-shifting, and responsive. A new challenge can present itself at each visit.

– A twist of fate: Karma’s more than just a witch and the choices you make have a way of catching up with you.

– A sprinkling of witchcraft: No Witch is the same, mastering their unique magic will be key to freeing your coven.

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