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The Scarlet Dawn came, they strip mined the planet and left. The planet is flooded and the remnants of humanity cling to discarded technology and the ruins of civilisation. You are the leader of a small band of humans left on this ravaged, waterlogged world. How will you survive?

The player must utilise discarded technology and traverse the world, building up their fleet of ships and vehicles, interact with other cataclysm survivors, explore, rediscover lost knowledge, manage survival and try to rebuild.

Building is done via a block and plate based system with different resources providing different functionality. Resources can also be refined in to stronger or different materials to advance technology or provide different bonuses to constructed components or armour.

Crew, man and perform tasks on the vehicles and must survive the perils of using radioactive discarded technology as well as being kept fed and watered. Crew are affected by events and various stats or behaviours can be altered by what has happened. Particularly effective crew may become exceptional leaders/engineers/researchers etc.

After Cataclysm will build on the exceptional complexity of our previous game From the Depths and will provide a new experience.