Project Category: Round 11

Glam Pursuit

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to rub shoulders with A-list actors or do death-defying stunts for your latest blockbuster? Well, wonder no more and take your first steps towards the red carpet in Glam Pursuit, a branching story filled with unique skill-based missions that see if you have what it takes to conquer the movie business.

Create your very own up-and-coming actor and work from the ground up, first as an extra for chump change and then, who knows? That part is up to you!

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The ultimate VR goalkeeping experience! Test your reactions, sharpen your reflexes and get an intense workout with our two fast-paced, fun, action-packed games.

Simply keep the ball out of the net (if you can).

Quickfire Mode
The balls just keep coming at you. Endless waves of shots to save in the exhilarating atmosphere of the Cleansheet stadium. Where will you place on our global leaderboard?

Set Piece Mode
All the excitement of real-life professional football. World-class volleys, headers, free kicks and ultra-realistic shots from all angles. Can you pull off the most spectacular saves and make it all the way from miniature nets to full sized goals?

State of the art physics, cutting edge graphics and motion capture combine to create a uniquely immersive VR experience.

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The Wings of Sycamore

The Wings of Sycamore is a hand-drawn, third-person flying adventure. Set at the dawn of aviation – an era of extravagant inventions, daring feats, and dizzying scientific discoveries.

Under the guidance of your eccentric feline mentor Captain Maurice Sycamore, and equipped with wildly imaginative flying machines, you shall join the ranks of legendary aviators – and leave an indelible mark on the history books!

…Or failing that, you might just crash a bit, but at least you’ll make some good friends along the way!

Wild Adventures

Wild Adventures are interactive outdoor experiences that augment green spaces with inspirational characters and stories to encourage exploration and learning.

Players find an evil wizard is killing off wildlife in their local park (cut to him putting eye of newt and leg of toad in his pot) and digging up plants for use in his spells. He is obviously a hooligan and destroying the environment, a bit like climate change or pollution of course. Players help fox and the other woodland creatures defeat him by gathering natural ingredients for a magic potion that will see him off. They need to complete a series of tasks that immerse them in nature, learning about what they find and becoming more aware of the need to look after the environment on the way.

AR action is triggered by a series of markers in the real world forming an interactive trail that provides an exciting alternative to typical outdoor play alternatives.

Apartment Story

Apartment Story is about 3 people and a gun in a London flat developed by Blue Rider. It is a 3rd person narrative game with The Sims esq needs management and violent bursts of 3rd person action. It is a video game about not having any money, about the terror of a single, half loaded gun in a domestic setting and it is about love.

Gameplay is split between trying to keep your life stats up so that you can earn enough money to keep food in the fridge and the electric meter in your house topped up and dramatic narrative interjections.

Apartment Story is for adults of a very particular aesthetic inclination. That being of a preference for real-world, present-day settings, in particular urban locations and with an uncensored, mature outlook and depiction of sex, drugs, money, and class.

It addresses a mature adult desire to play a videogame that addresses real life thoughts, anxieties and experiences that we live through every single day and presents them back in an unfiltered way, without euphemism via an interactive medium. These themes are rarely treated as banal and commonplace as they actually are, and that lack of existing banality is exciting to us at Blue Rider.

The Night Shifts

An otherworldly social deduction game that combines horror with prop hunt elements. Players must communicate and collaborate online in a seemingly abandoned hotel. However, one of them is an undercover poltergeist who must kill, trap and sabotage the staff members. The staff go about their daily routine and job. Waking up as the sun sets for their night shift, earning money through completing their tasks to purchase tools that help expose the imposter. Players must survive the nights as the poltergeist picks off each member, one by one, growing stronger each time…

Play Pretend

Play Pretend is an approachable rouge-lite set within the imaginary worlds of children playing at school. Collecting ideas to bolster your imagination, progress through the worlds of your classmate’s fantasies, unlocking new ideas, and creating your own as you go. Befriend your peers and play as them, experiencing new worlds and abilities to synergize and play with.

Adventure Fitness VR

Adventure Fitness VR is the ultimate virtual reality obstacle course and fitness game, built using Unreal Engine. Our goal is to make home workouts more engaging. We want players to feel like they’re exercising in exotic locations around the world – spending time in nature, not just having another day at the gym.

To create an effective interval workout, the game’s low-intensity sections are interspersed with more strenuous activities. Users climb ropes and walls, ride zip lines, duck under obstacles and stretch. They also do sustained high-intensity cardio – battle ropes, archery, and boxing workouts set to music.

Interval training has been shown to be one of the most efficient ways to improve your fitness, so we feel confident our game will change people’s lives.


Judero is an action/ adventure game for PC and Switch inspired by the rich folk history of the Scottish Borders.

You play as Judero, a Celt who can establish a rapport with the nature around him. Travel with Judero through a handcrafted landscape as he discovers there is an evil at work manipulating the unguarded.

Judero has been successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter with the help of our generous audience.

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