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From the makers of The Colonists, Open Sky is a unique town-building strategy game where the player creates a community upon a travelling, floating island that will attract inhabitants from far and wide. Under the player’s direction the island will travel through the sky, traversing a large and rich world map, encountering vibrant cultures, flying merchants, adventurers, storms and great cities.

Featuring a highly customisable, modular building system, players can craft complex towns of winding staircases, precarious platforms, hanging gardens, parks with ingenious water engineering and more. The narrative is player-driven in a vivid story-world; players might choose to plant gardens of fantastical fruits and flowers, or build star-catching platforms or travel the world collecting rare artefacts and ingredients to tempt idiosyncratic chefs and master craftspeople to join the island from other cities. Each and every islander has their own distinctive personality and individual traits, resulting in a thriving, dynamic environment.

Open Sky epitomises Codebyfire’s ongoing ambition to build beautiful, thoughtful, pastoral strategy games that can be played many times over.