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Hamstarz: Battle Arena

Hamstarz is a chaotically cute three vs three battle arena shooter!

Enter the arena in Online PVP matches, or climb through the rankings in career mode and become the next HamStar. Style your furry fighter with all manner of outfits and show the audience how you roll.

Build the ultimate fighting machine with in-depth hamster ball customization, change everything from speed to weaponry, to make your perfect loadout.

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Sincognito is a Social Deduction, Horror, Stealth game centred around the 7 Deadly Sins. Humans need to unravel the Sin, competing using stealth, proximity chat, combat, betrayal, and mind games to defeat the opposition.

One of your friends has been possessed by one of the 7 deadly Sins! Work as a team to identify and banish this deadly Sin hiding amongst you!

Play with 5-15 players in the Multiplayer OR Play alone against crafty AI in the Single-player.

Embrace the shadows as you immerse into a thrilling world of horrors and secrets.

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Lumi: Starbound Adventure

Embark on a journey bound for the stars in “Lumi: Starbound Adventure,” a 3D platformer where imagination meets gravity-defying gameplay. As Lumi, you’ll explore a vibrant worlds in the cosmos. Harness the power to manipulate floating platforms, moving and rotating them to create your own path among through the world. Each platform is a puzzle, a dance of coordination and timing that challenges your reflexes and wit.

Discover a semi-open world filled with hidden pathways, secret alcoves, and collectibles that reveal the lore of forgotten civilizations. With a delightful blend of action and adventure, “Lumi: Starbound Adventure” invites players of all ages to defy the ordinary and leap into the extraordinary. Whether you’re bouncing on clouds or skating on ice, Lumi’s journey is one of joy, discovery, and celestial wonder — a breath of fresh air for the platformer genre.

There is a development update blog on the website, this is the latest post:

Building a World

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Steambots is a drop-in co-op cosy puzzle platformer where the players control three robots that each have a unique ability to help navigate through a series of puzzles. The game consists of 50 challenging puzzles spread across 5 levels set in different environments. The environments have a stylised design, with each stage having a unique aesthetic identity.

You play as three faulty robots destined to be scrapped for parts, working together to escape their factory. Using their abilities, you will solve a range of challenging puzzles, traversing multiple areas of the factory, unlocking new abilities along the way.

Made for 1-3 players, Steambots will feature local split-screen as well as online multiplayer. For each level the player will be able to complete challenges and time trials, including an online leaderboard and character customisation. The game will be designed with a strong focus on accessibility to ensure it can be enjoyed by a wide range of players of all abilities and devices.

Sleep Swimmer

Sleep Swimmer is a 2D cozy game where you float around an underwater world making friends with salamander people and collecting sounds to mix on your DJ set. At its core, Sleep Swimmer is about dealing with overstimulation. The player character, Aria, is a Gen-Z girl who is consumed by anxiety due to being overstimulated by the over-connectivity of the modern world. In her dreams she swims around an underwater town called SalamanderVille, where she meets salamanders who are having a similar problem: There’s an awful sound that pollutes the audio-sphere of their marine world, overwhelming everyone in town. The noise seems to come and go, but the mystery remains: what is causing this sound and how can we stop it?

Sleep Swimmer is on track to release on Steam in 2024.

Stay tuned on our Discord and Twitter for the latest updates!

“We are so thankful for this opportunity from the UK Games Fund! This funding has given our studio the momentum we needed to grow and establish ourselves within the UK Games community.” – Julia Spinola, Studio Lead

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Big Indie Pitch London 2023 Honourable Mention


Sinbad is an adventure, platformer with stylized environments and puzzles taking inspiration from the likes of Super Mario, A Hat in Time, and the Legend of Zelda. It follows the young sailor on his first voyage out into the seven seas.

During their first outing Sinbad and his Uncle get caught up in a storm, far out to sea. After attempting to moor their ship on the coast of a nearby island, the ship gets blown down the coast with his Uncle still on board. Now alone, Sinbad must traverse this new landscape to get back to the safety of their ship.

As Sinbad works his way across the treacherous island, he finds: many challenges that stand in his way, many natives who are fascinated by him and a great secret of the island’s origin that could doom all of it’s inhabitants to the depths of the sea.

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Creative England New Ideas Fund

Fool’s Gold

Fool’s Gold is a chaotic 2-player treasure hunting heist, in which two players work together to grab as much treasure as they can and use a variety of transportation devices to get the treasure back to their escape vehicle before time runs out.

Players will contend with a variety of deadly traps and perilous enemies while solving environmental puzzles, in order to grab the most valuable treasure and ultimately get the highest score possible!

It mashes frantic, quickfire co-op play with Indiana Jones-style tombs, traps, and adventure to create a uniquely tumultuous teamwork

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The Great Smog

The Great Smog is a Co-Op Steampunk Horror that blends the group scares and legendary enemies of Horror Hunters such as Phasmophobia with the player-driven gameplay and reactive world of Immersive Sims such as Bioshock.

You and up to 3 friends will descend from your Airships, customizable bases far above the dangerous streets, into iconic London locations in order to defeat their mutated inhabitants and collect resources to upgrade and adapt your gear.

Explore the abandoned ruins of the jewel of an empire at its height of power – a London on the cusp of revolution both technologically and politically.

Delve into its many landmarks to collect resources, encounter mutants and uncover the secrets behind the mysterious Great Smog.

Whether it’s through stealth, shooting, luring mutants into a trap or cleverly adapting the environment – you and your friends are free to take on the streets of Steampunk London however you choose.

Tackle problems in any way you see fit, and navigate levels through multiple routes, all fitting your unique playstyle.

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