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Billie Bust Up is a musical 3D platformer inspired by 2D animated musicals, with memorable unique villains and singing bosses. We’ve entwined the gameplay into the music, and each main character has their own song that sells their personality, motives, and charm.

Billie is a magical goat with a love for adventuire and all things magic, with her loyal baby fox Oscar right by her side. In a mighty twist of fate, she is recruited by a reluctant Aristotle the axolotl, her late father’s old partner, in adventuring on a quest to retrieve powerful artifacts that have fallen into the hands of a few dastardly (and very musically inclined) villains. Join Billie, Oscar, and Aristotle on a musical quest for knowledge and to regain the powerful magic that was lost, meet a whole cast of colourful characters, and learn a few magic spells of your own to help you out along the way!

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