Project Category: Round 3

Void Tyrant

The galaxy is in disarray and great danger in this hybrid card and RPG. Choose your hero from one of several different powerful classes and search distant planets. Combat is more than just who has the higher stats or fancier weapons. You’ll need to carefully consider your options and plan throughout each encounter, since only the person who wins the round gets to deal damage.

You and your opponent take turns laying down numbered cards, choosing wether to hit or stand, in an effort to get as close to a value of 12 without going over. You’ll also be able to play unique skills or items that can modify the value of your opponent’s hand or your own, cast spells or wield attacks, and more.

You may even be joined by allies who add their own special cards to your deck.

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Top 10 placement in Google Play Indie Game Festival 2020

The 13th Interior

In the sixth century a man fell through a hole in the world and became an angry king. This put him on a collision course with one Lt. Anna Dornstein, a polish spy who leapt from a Supermarine Walrus above North Wales in 1941 and disappeared. The resulting epic struggle engulfed the island of Anglesey, or at least a fictionalised version of it that was permanently stuck at thirteen o’clock and existed on the inside surface of a pocket universe approximately nineteen inches across…

The 13th Interior, formerly known as Total Dark is an adventure game. It’s all about SubX interiorology, Essentia neutralisation, mythogeographic fictioneering, Victorian card tricks and how to tame a Bwgan.

Crash Lab

Crash Lab’s project is a free to play match puzzle game for mobile devices. It is a matching game where the player needs to match blocks of a specific colour to remove them from the play area. The game will feature hundreds of unique levels within a structure that will be instantly familiar to fans of the genre, and new gameplay features will make it a fresh and exciting experience for players.

Ninja Blitz

Bitmap Bureau’s next game is Ninja Blitz, a retro 16-bit inspired all-action 2D platformer for PC/Mac and consoles. Players are tasked with infiltrating a huge, procedurally generated military complex to complete a variety of randomly selected mission objectives. Players will be required to use stealth, ninja-like reflexes and cunning to progress deep into the game. Ninja Blitz is a sequel of sorts to the soon to be released Ninja Showdown, focusing more on a single-player experience with a more expansive feel.

Dumpling Design

UK Sheffield based studio Dumpling combines the award-winning talents of Travis Ryan (OutRun2, SEGA All-Stars Racing, Kinect Sports) and Brent Poynton (Viva Piñata, Xbox Avatars, Kinect Sports) who together share a passion for all things arcade, blue skies and making experiences worth talking about, games like DASHY CRASHY!

The second game from Dumpling is a fighting game your mum will ‘own’ you at…


RAD TV is a quick fire, Hot-Seat Multiplayer VR Party game that takes full advantage of VR’s immersive and intuitive interactivity.

You and your friends are sucked into a sentient TV – transporting you into a virtual world of weird and wonderful challenges.

RAD TV will test your mental and physical skills in over 25 hugely varied rapid-fire games.

From hurling old records at Zombies to Quick Draws against Cowboys to flying Drones through checkpoints to speed eating burgers – the situation changes as quickly as surfing TV Channels.

Take on your friends to see who is the RAD TV champ!

The Collage Atlas

The Collage Atlas is an entirely hand-drawn, first-person exploratory puzzle game, set in a wildly inventive picture book dream world.

With an immersive, contemplative atmosphere and beautifully intricate artwork, the game invites players to forge their own journey through its branching paths, uncovering the secrets hiding at every turn.

The world builds around players as they explore and solve text puzzles along the way. Flowers bloom from nothingness, clouds of butterflies fill the air and a truly unique world springs to life.


HRBR is a 3D time-travelling action-adventure extravaganza, harking back to the N64 days of tunic-wearing dungeon thwarting.

Rude Bear, having defeated his mortal nemesis, is trapped in a small medieval town, in which he stumbles upon a curious device – an arcane, spinning sundial with a gnomon for a staircase – which allows him to time travel between different eras.

Through history he must peruse the town, affecting the lives of its citizens to aid their troubled descendants. And moreover – in each era he must discover hidden dungeons, unearth mighty artifacts, disentangle perplexing puzzles and conquer formidable foes.