Project Category: Round 7


Terratorial is the in-production real-time strategy game by independent game developer Arrogant Pixel. Set after the sudden overnight disappearance of planet Earth, the game’s campaign follows a diverse set of galactic heroes who utilise a powerful armada of spaceships and engage in hectic, theft-based warfare to discover the culprit behind this terrestrial mystery.

Think “Nintendo makes Starcraft”. With considered control schemes and controller support, exciting and diverse multiplayer experiences, a timeless toon-look, engaging narrative, and a host of genre-first concepts (including our namesake territory-focused game mode); Terratorial is an ambitious new RTS with a beginner-friendly philosophy, challenging many of the currently held presumptions of the genre.

In Terratorial, the player will engage in perilous resource production, intergalactic warfare, and frantic theft. Each game begins with the settling of nearby planets and fleet growth through investment into a simple tech tree, and the utilisation of two key resources: materials and population. Alongside a motley of militaristic spacecraft, planet-stealing HGV’s, and resource-draining rocketships; the player will be able to engage in a variety of gameplay: including a story-focused campaign, bite-sized challenges that will test any players’ mettle, and a rotation of manic multiplayer game modes and mutations to establish ultimate control over the stars.

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UK Game of the Show award nominee 2021

3rd Place DIGITAL BIG INDIE PITCH #08 (June 2021)

Billy Goat Entertainment

Tragedy and revenge fuel a sinister force transfixed on destroying everything society holds near and dear. Our protagonists must set aside their differences, banding together to vanquish this threat and save the world! All in 30 minutes or less.

Developed by BillyGoat Entertainment in Belfast, Northern Ireland, more information will be revealed about this new project soon.

Untitled Puzzle Game

Hollow Ponds is working on a relaxing, casual puzzle game with simple pick up and play controls, charming artwork and a unique twist on a classic puzzling pastime.

Personasmith (working title)

Personasmith is a game about forgery and counterfeiting…

When Ryan’s art school adventure is cut short, he finds himself back in the council-run, tower block that he’d spent years trying to escape. With his dreams of becoming a graphic artist seemingly in tatters, he starts putting his skills to good use in more unorthodox ways…

Personasmith challenges players to help others through the art of forgery and counterfeiting. A changed name here, a fake id there – little things that help Ryan’s friends and neighbours in the tower block to redress the social injustices that are heaped on them.

Just when Ryan seems to have his life back on track, his skills are noticed by a local gang, and our Robin Hood could end up robbing banks. We follow him as tries to navigate the impossible situation he finds himself in.

Thunkd’s second game features an unconventional mix of urban UK settings, exploration and discovery, unique counterfeiting and forgery-based challenges, and a web of stories that examine social injustices.

Grip and Swing

Grip and Swing is a casual, arcade puzzle game for mobile which focuses heavily on fun 2D physics mechanics.

Play as Gale Grip and Sydney Swing, partnered climbers in an abstract-futuristic world plagued by the residue of human destruction as they try to return all the fallen stars to the sky by collecting exotic plants and returning them to the sky garden shrines.

Our screenshots show the area above the pollution where the air is clean and lush foliage grows.

The climbers will be gathering rare plants and gems and making their way to a magical shrine which they give their offerings. The shrine is collecting all untainted DNA and returning it to the stars above.

Inspired by games like Ordia, Hoa, and Cut the rope, for style and gameplay, our game gives the player a vibrant, colourful world to play in, where exploring the environment is just as much a part of the experience as the exhilarating slingshot ability.

Cone Wars

In an ice-cream obsessed world, only one truck can win the Cone Wars.

Inspired by the “Ice Cream Truck Wars” in Glasgow and NYC, Cone Wars is a mobile game where your goal is to build the biggest ice cream empire. Players must mix and sell unique ice cream, expand their turf across a tile-based map, and defend locations from a host of rivals.

Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies is a bird’s-eye view survival life-sim about children trying to govern themselves on a deserted island.

It is a Life Sim focused on survival where the player’s primary goal is to lead their small band of marooned children to survive on an uninhabited island via tycoon and management gameplay. The island is an open sandbox playground in which the player can both explore and interact. Multiple overlapping mechanics provide a flow of unique emergent moments, challenges and opportunities to arise and this gameplay is extended and enriched by pre-crafted story events where every choice matters.

The setting is dark and packed with drama and emotional moments. The island holds many mysteries, viewed from a third-person bird’s-eye view combined with visual novel aesthetics to create a recognisable look and feel.

Polygon Treehouse Unannounced Project

The unannounced second project from multi-award winning indie studio Polygon Treehouse.

The as yet unannounced project from Polygon Treehouse will build upon the art-led storytelling DNA established in their debut title Röki (a modern take on the point-and-click genre inspired by Scandinavian folklore) whilst innovating and breaking new narrative ground for the studio. The project will also continue the studio’s goal of creating non-violent games that pack an emotional punch to delight players of all abilities.