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Ozymandias is a Bronze Age empire-building game, inspired by Civilization but simplified so you can complete a game in under an hour. There are 16 handcrafted maps to choose from, each depicting a different region at the dawn of history. Empires must expand, manage their economy, research new technologies and try to conquer their neighbours. Each starting position presents unique challenges, will your empire go down in history or be lost to the sands of time?

We aim to deliver a deep turn-based strategy experience in an approachable and concise format. Our distilled design is easier for an AI to parse ensuring singleplayer remains a compelling challenge even after many plays. The shorter duration is perfect for multiplayer, which we hope will attract fans of competitive strategy games, such as Hearthstone and DOTA Underlords, who relish exciting multiplayer matches.

Ozymandias is coming to PC and mobile in 2021.