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Take control of a team of mercenaries, doing the dirty work of the shady factions who vie for control of a once-great, now crumbling industrial city.

In the single-player campaign you will assemble a team and deploy them on missions to infiltrate, spy, sabotage, steal, and eliminate their targets. Juggle your reputation with the powerful factions who rule over the city, and learn what makes the gears of society turn as you uncover their deepest secrets.

In online bultiplayer you can challenge your friends in competitive team-vs-team battles, take part in tournaments, or attempt to climb the online leaderboards in ranked matches.

The core gameplay is a twist on a classic turn-based, JRPG-style battle system. In Steamhounds, characters do not simply execute an attack or skill and then wait quietly until their next turn. Instead, they make their move and then choose one of several “stances” to adopt until their next turn. Stances allow characters to react to certain events, setting up powerful combos and chain reactions with their teammates – resulting in a highly dynamic battle system with countless emergent strategies and synergies.


Best Indie Strategy Game – Dreamhack 2020 Anaheim

Game Pitch Championship Winner – Dreamhack 2020 Anaheim

Best Indie Multiplayer Game – Dreamhack 2018 Atlanta

Kitori Academy

Kitori Academy is a cosy life simulator where you take the role of a wizard apprentice and have a cat as a companion!

Spend joyful days on whimsical story-quests, making friends with other apprentices, mixing potions, casting spells, crafting, chilling with your cat and tending your garden.

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These Doomed Isles

In These Doomed Isles you are a god who must craft a deck of cards to raise islands from the sea, create life from dust, and fend off the waves of hideous monstrosities crawling from the ocean that surrounds you.

Mixing elements of survival city-builders, classic god games and modern deck-building games, you will play your cards to create land, forests and mountains; build houses, farms, quarries and taverns and rain fire from the sky to protect yourself from those who would drag you back to the bottom of the sea.

Spellbound: The Magic Within

Spellbound: The Magic Within is a branching narrative, multiple ending visual novel. Jump into a world of Magic, Witchcraft and Mystery as a magician in training. Interact with a host of unusual characters. Choose from multiple schools of magic, bond with your tutor, and maybe even save the world.


Imagine Boyfriend Dungeon, Slay the Spire, and Tears of Themis mixed and wrapped in the glamour and elegance of Hollywood.

You’re a talent agent whose dream has just come true – you finally join your dream agency – only to find yourself assigned to the department no one else wants. The Department for Failed Actors. You’ve got your work cut out to bring their careers back on track, but lucky for you, unbeknownst to you, you have been blessed with faerie magic. As you start a rollercoaster of self-discovery, so do your acting talents!

Complete a roguelite series of events, such as auditions, film shoots, or training, and succeed at the final “boss” event to unlock a chapter. Design decks with unique synergies as you go, while your actors and department accumulate permanent perks. Nurture warm relationships with your actors – friendly or romantic – that’s up to you, with both male and female romance options.

Whispers in the West

Whispers in the West is a multiplayer murder mystery game, where you and your friends need to collaborate to solve the crime that occurred in the far reaches of the Wild West. A playable demo is now available.

A crime has occurred in the far reaches of the Wild West, and it’s down to you to deduce who among the many residents is the perpetrator. You and your friends need to collaborate, look for clues and piece the puzzle together to solve the mystery.

This game supports 1 – 4 players. Players can select from multiple scripts, and in the future, they will be able to make their own stories using the script editor.

Team Dissonant is an indie game studio based in London.

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