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Cubit Studios, a two person indie development studio based in Dorset, recently announced their expansion thanks to a “generous” Epic MegaGrant for their work on Infinitesimals, an ambitious and skillfully executed third person action adventure.

The project was selected for support from UK Games Fund (UKGF) in the fourth round of funding in 2018.

Thanks to the support from UKGF, Cubit were able to work full time on the project to develop a prototype and subsequently applied for a MegaGrant. Their successful approval means that development can accelerate and the studio can grow in size.

Paul Durrant, Director at UK Games Fund, said:

This is a perfect example of how UK Games Fund support can provide a stepping stone to further funding and act as a catalyst for studio expansion. We love Infinitesimals and believe it has significant potential.


James McWilliams, Game Director at Cubit Studios, said:

Without the grant from UK Games Fund, the progress we made on our prototype would have taken substantially longer to achieve because we would’ve needed to work as contractors to pay the bills. Instead we devoted our full attention to Infinitesimals for 6 months.

Infinitesimals is available to be added to your wishlist on Steam with the release date to be confirmed.