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Two Way Media recently announced the launch of their new gaming app Two Words, which is available to download for free on the Apple and Google Play app stores. The game is published with the support of All 4 Games.

Selected for support from the UK Games Fund in late 2015, the dev team has been working tirelessly on the game.

Two Words is new game that updates the classic rules of 2-player word games to make for faster games with simpler rules. Players take turns to make words from 7 letter tiles each. Only their previous word is left on the board between turns – there are only ever Two Words on the board at the same time. Scoring is based on letter values and the length of the word made, so players are rewarded for making longer words. Words must touch or cross over the opponent’s word – players can also change letters of their opponent’s word to make new ones.

The game is Facebook connected and is designed to get friends challenging each other in endless competition. With no growing game grid and double word or triple letters to aim for, games progress quickly and rematches are the order of the day.

Two Way Media are a London based indie development team who have built a reputation for developing and distributing games for set-top boxes and smart TVs. As well as developing licensed games such as Family Fortunes and Who Wants to be a Millionaire they make their own word and puzzle games for TV systems including Virgin Media and Amazon Fire TV. Two Words is their first game that has transitioned to mobile.

James Turner, Chief Executive at Two Way Media, commented

“We designed Two Words to be an antidote to the complex boards that build up in classic 2-player word games. With Two Words you get the fun of playing turns with your friends with the simplicity of just making nice long words. This is our first mobile release, and we can’t wait to get the game into players’ hands.”

Colin Macdonald, Head of All 4 Games, added

“Two Words is a fun and engaging game that simplifies traditional word games for quick play between opponents. With its previous success on the Virgin Media cable TV system, it’s been a rewarding experience to see it transform into the gaming app for iOS and Android.”

Kirsty Gibson, Head of Community at UK Games Fund, said

“It’s brilliant to see Two Way Media reach this milestone. Yet another fantastic funded game has been added to our portfolio and once again highlights the value of the support our work and our community offers talented development studios.”