Project Category: Funding Year 6

Will it golf?

Will it golf? is a comedy-driven golf sandbox that’s full of surprises and jam-packed with possibilities and fun challenges. Explore an immersive, open world (on foot or in a golf cart) with climbable trees, giant bouncy mushrooms, sentient bowling pins, and a live volcano! Feedback and suggestions are super-welcome!

Will it golf? is the first game we’ve made together as a studio. We had a great time making the game and we really want to keep making games together so encouragement and support from our beloved community is very much appreciated.“Please buy my game and enjoy so I can make more game and you can more enjoy” – Finn’s 4 am brain


Build your own moving fortress and manage a crew of apocalyptic madmen as you blast your way through the deadly wastes of Rustbreaker. In this 2D roguelike you must construct your own unique trawler from scavenged metal, directing your crew in battles of tactics and mass-destruction. Learn the story and meet the denizens of this whimsical and explosive world as you forge your ship and crew into a force of reckoning on your journey to the centre of the world, where Paradise is rumoured to await…With millions of possible trawlers, hundreds of event branches and several rich biomes to explore, Rustbreaker provides a unique experience for every player, and every subsequent playthrough.

Discover the lore-rich world and interact with your crew in different ways with each run, unlocking new starting scenarios and factions to play with. Enjoy the process of placing trawler rooms together to create a heavy gun-laden dreadnought, or an engine-slick speed machine. Choose one of many randomly-generated paths through the hazardous world map.Whether you choose to create a rustbucket ship of greasy oil-goblins, or a hardened crew forged from gunpowder and steel plate – the choice lies with you.

Welcome to Rustbreaker, captain.

Hotel Arcanum

Hotel Arcanum is a 2d, story-driven adventure game about transgenerational Holocaust trauma that merges real historical facts and a dream-like magical world together. Arriving home after years of being abroad, the 28-year-old protagonist realizes that his idealized, perfect family is full of hidden stories and secret memories that still seriously affect all their lives. The game will allow the players to explore the challengingly interconnected family tale told in a hand-drawn art-style on PC and consoles.

Days Lost

Days Lost is a narrative based puzzle game set inside the diary of a young woman that takes you on an unusual journey of recovering the memories of days that she’s lost. The game is ultimately about empathy and learning to appreciate little moments of life. Living in a time when the world came to a standstill because of a pandemic, memories are a reminder that time passes, that things change.

This game is an opportunity to slow down and go on a journey where we can reminisce, recreate and relive the memories of days lost. Days Lost puts the player in the shoes of Natalia, going through her diary to fill in the gaps of her memory. Solving each puzzle brings back some fragments of Natalia’s memory revealing the wider memories of the occasion not mentioned in her diary. Tying the puzzles together is a story told in a colourful diary style.

Purple Yonder

Based in the heart of Cambridge, Purple Yonder aims to develop hit entertainment franchises in genres we are passionate about.

The team is led by top industry talent, James Howard, who has worked on both AAA and indie titles over the years. Purple Yonder is committed to making compelling user experiences for the next generation virtual reality gaming.

The studio is grateful to have been selected by the UK Games Fund in 2020.


Arcgrid* (*Working Title) is a narrative-driven fantasy strategy game, where you lead a small caravan of heroes while they protect an ancient being on a mysterious pilgrimage.

The game tells the story of a small and peaceful village which has started to face a change in its way of life. When the immense tortoise that the tribe so deeply cares for wakes up and starts to move, it is up to a trio of friends to recruit a misfit band of warriors and find the powerful weapons that they will need on the journey ahead.

At its core, Arcgrid is a turn-based tactical strategy game, sitting somewhere between games like XCom, Divinity: Original Sin, and Worms.

You will traverse and explore a mysterious world map whilst trying to protect an ever moving caravan and you will use an expanding arsenal of abilities to gain dominance over destructive battlefields where elements run amok.

Dungeon Golf

Dungeon Golf is a turn-based dungeon-crawling loot-em-up, except instead of using weapons you’re playing mini-golf. Whack golf balls in to creatures to do damage, hit chests to claim their treasure, and avoid ancient traps (or use them to your advantage) as you work your way down through the depths of 18 procedurally generated holes.

Too much loot? Send some back with your caddy and meet them later at the pro shop to upgrade your clubs and equipment before taking on the next, harder, dungeon’s funky inhabitants, in the search for the legendary Double Eagle.